Seatbelts and Side Airbags and flying glass?

Oh My!

Guess who just got back from the hospital? I rolled my car three times, across three lanes of traffic and got out of my car and started yelling at the guy in the truck who cut across three lanes of traffic.

I should probably start at the beginning. I went this morning, to give a blood sample to check for Celiac disease. We’re trying to narrow down who has it, and where it came from. (if you are raising your eyebrows, look at the older posts concerning Gillian) I was headed down Route 22 towards home so I could pick up a Starbucks for Fae on my way home. I’m in the middle lane, and I heard a horn loudly in front and to my right. Next thing I know, there’s a huge delivery truck in front of me, halfway into the left lane. I swerved into the left lane, but it was too late. I clipped my right passenger back door into his front wheel, bounced off the curb in the left lane, and rolled three times across three lanes of traffic. How I didn’t get hit by another car, I am still not sure of.

Fae’s going to fill my prescrips and said she’d slide by to take a pic of the car. I’ll post it later.

So, what does this all mean?
Things smell a little better, hugs feel better, life is just a little more more sweet and precious.

Did my life flash before my eyes? No, and honestly I was a little disappointed by that. I guess it ended so quickly that I didn’t have time for it to start:) I just yelled at the top of my lungs, praying for it to end, praying to anyone/anything that would listen that I wouldn’t be killed. I kept thinking that something is going to pierce me, something fly out of nowhere and stab me or do something just as bad.

I mostly felt sad because I wanted to tell my wife I loved her, and tell my kids, and parents, relatives and friends as well. That, and that I appreciate and cherish everything she does for me.

Okay, the percoset is starting to kick in, I’m going to try to sleep for a while.

update: got some sleep, feeling a bit better. Muscles still sore and tight, but hopefully a good night’s sleep will make the ‘It’s going to be worse tomorrow’ that everyone talked about a little less hellish.

gotta love the tires

again, gotta love the tires

look at the back door, the panel is sheared off, that’s where he hit me and spun me around before I did all of my flips

most of the flipping – pretty sure this is where I landed more than once.

one of two panes of glass – that survived the whole thing.

still not sure how I walked away from this one.

new gallery script

Check out the new gallery

I installed a beta version of a image gallery that I like a lot.  I notice that it’s pretty slow at work, but I’m not sure if it’s the script, the size of the pics, or something else. I know that once it creates the thumbs once, it should be faster.

if you get a chance to use it, please email me and let me know how you like it.

Someone worth voting for? Ron Paul for Pres?

And *GASP*

He’s republican!!! RUN AWAY!!!

seriously. I’ve been reading and watching more and more about this guy and for the first time in a long time I can honestly say I am interested in a republican candidate. He’s got balls, he’s got experience, he’s smart(dude, he’s a obgyn!)…

The one thing I am not crazy about is that he’s antiabortion. But even with that he’s TOTALLY prolife – no capitol punishment, staying out of countries for starting wars etc.

His stance is more along the lines of founding fathers – don’t try to make countries, don’t get in everyone elses policies, etc. We have enough going on here to handle without messing with other people.

Am I voting for him? I dunno. Going to do more research tho, that’s for sure.

So should you –

State of Things

Haven’t heard back from the doctor, but we started the diet anyway. Gillian seems to be feeling a little better, not great, but better. A little more energy, but she’s sick again, so that makes it harder. It’s amazing what your body does when it’s not happy 🙂

Heading out to Seattle for a conference for the rest of the week, should be very cool. I’m feeling good about my status in the company, I’m still loving my job after a year so far, the commute still sucks, but I’m used to it by now and Audio books are my friend.

The kids are having their tryouts for next years teams next week, so they are getting ready for that. The gym has a thing called the All Star Challenge that they are involved in. It’s mostly just a program to keep the kids in better shape over the summer so they’re not having to start over in the fall. For the price, it’s totally worth it. So they’ll spend most of their time at the pool, and walk to the gym 4 days a week for several hours a day. Plus their teams will be assigned in the end of May, so we’ll know which ones they’ll be on so we can schedule things.

We’re praying that their practices are on the same weekend day. This year sucked having one on Sat, and one on Sun. Plus we’re going to tag the hell out of the summer (ever see a kid with a can asking for change to support his group? that’s tagging) so the money goes directly into their account and pays for tournaments and training and stuff. Begging? yeah, but we can’t do the season without it.

Fae’s working with a friend as a personal assistant which is helping with the bills tremendously!! She’s also gearing up to be a Brownie troop leader for Gillian’s school. It’s amazing the things we’ll do for our kids. Luckily, the cast is pretty much off her leg, so she’s getting around a lot better. That thing was a serious pain in the a**.

Anyway, hope this finds everyone who reads it well and happy.

Gillian – updated

So Tuesday was a fun day. We took Gillian to the hospital in Morristown and had her endoscopy.

If you ever have to have one, it’s QUICK! By the time we had time to start freaking out, they were wheeling her out. Oye. My brother was right, it is harder on the parents.
So, we’ll have to wait till wednesday, but at least we’ve started her on her new diet.

She’s having bad stomach cramps, reflux, and burping incessantly. The nice thing is, she’s not burping nearly as much as before. I’m hoping that she’ll bounce back quickly.
More info as she progresses. Until then, her diet is totally restricted. What a pain in the ass man…

I’ll do a lot to make her feel better tho:)