Why are you here?

So I’m sitting in a training class at NetCom, which I would recommend btw, and there is a woman sitting in front of me.  As the lesson is going along, I notice her screen flashing quite a bit.

She’s posting on Facebook and Myspace while she’s here.

Dude!  This class isn’t cheap!  WTF Are you doing?

Anyway, I’m in the Empire State Building, prolly going to go to the observation deck before I leave today.

I know

I know, it’s been almost a month since I posted anything. Bad blogger, no cookie for me.

Works been busy, Fae and the kids have been running around like loonies…oye. Thank goodness for thanksgiving vacation. Had a nice time out at my folx just hanging out.

Techie post: found a good page for SQL Server tools.