Testing something. Want to see how big of a dork I am by posting to my blog with my blackberry.


So what’s going on with me?

Still working for a good guy who genuinely wants to hear what I have to say. I’m working in an office with two other guys, and yeah it tends to get really loud. I do work from home 1-2 days a week, so that’s nice bonus, and truthfully, I get a lot more done here.

What do I do?

  • I’m the web applications developer
  • I’m the database administrator
  • I’m the architect
  • I’m the babbling idiot in the corner who looks at that mountain of work behind him and runs screaming into the night.
  • I’m the one who on sunday night actually says, cool, I go to work tomorrow.
  • I’m in desperate need of a quiet corner where I can close the door.
  • I’m someone who’d like to be able to split myself into three so I can do the first three bullet points more effectively.
  • I’ve come further in two years than I had ever imagined or dreamed I could. Granted, the tool I use makes it a lot easier to do my work, but the sheer volume of work I’ve accomplished is enormous.
  • I’m the idiot who drives almost two hours each way to get to work, and I do it.
  • I’m the one who only spends 30-60 minutes with my daughter while she’s awake depending on the day.

Yeah, that one sucks. I maximize my time with them on the weekends and when I can when I work from home, but it still comes down to the fact that I travel a lot for my job, and I never get on a plane.

That being said – yeah, I’m a little depressed – the benefits I’ve already gotten and the potential for this job and this company is incalculable. I’ve gone further in 2 years, than I have in the previous 10. I feel like I am taken seriously and it’s scary and gratifying as hell both equally.

k, I’m sleepy now. night.

still 223, still no aikido this week.

what’s going on?

I’m happy. How did that happen? I’ve always been a happy person, and genuinely interested in things, but I’m happy. Fae and I are having fun together, joking around, being silly. It’s nice.

Aidan’s slowly but surely working his way out of his funk – understandable as Fae and I were not being very nice or very understanding. It was just one disappointment after the other. Better understanding of what’s going on with him and his ADD and allowing him more slack without giving him excuses. He’s a lot happier and having more fun, which I am really happy about.

Gillian is pushing at the boundaries, seeing where things are. Her disease is a serious pain in the butt sometimes, but as long as we’re careful, she’ll be okay. Her attitude lately has been a bit rebellious, but nothing we can’t handle – without causing permanent damage that is:) I love seeing her dance around instead of fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Celiac is a nasty little, yet manageable disease.

Me? I’m doing the biggest loser at work and trying my best not to eat every candy bar in sight. It’s amazing what you do when you think you’re bored.

Weight – 223

Akido classes this week – 0 (and that’s probably why I’m a bit blue this week – hoping to get there on saturday)

Oh yeah, I’m going to be recording stuff like that at the end of my entries from now on. Help me keep track of how lame I am being 😉


39. Wow.

When I was a kid, 30 was old, 40 was ancient! I’m pretty damn close now 🙂 What am I going to do this year?

I’m going to sit on my butt and do nothing. I’m an old man now!

39 is really nothing truthfully. Yeah, I’m a little stiffer and sorer after a work out of if I try to jump over a fence – long story – but I’m still feeling pretty good.

Growing up

That’s right.  Kids do that sometimes.  I just got a nice little shot in the arm.  Gillian called me at work to ask me a question – “Daddy, I have a question.  There’s a rainforest.  It’s in Brazil, and I don’t remember the name of it.  Do you know?”

“Let me think..” I said as I googled it furiously.

“How is your day” she asked in that sweet little voice that wraps me right around her finger.

“It’s good honey, lots of work today.  Is it the Amazon Rainforest?”

“YES!  UGH!  Thanks Daddy.  I couldn’t remember that.  Bye” and she hangs up.

It’s amazing that you live with these little people every single day and suddenly they ask you something or say something that is not in line with how old you think they are.  I realized quickly that my kids are growing up.

For those of you with small ones.  Cherish them 🙂  They’ll call you at work soon too.  My first wakeup call with Aidan was when I got an email from him.

In MY DAY, we all called.  We didn’t have any fancy internet crap!  We dialed the rotary phone and WE LIKED IT.

Happy New Year

Needless to say, I have a lot to be thankful for. But I do have to say that I hope 2008 is better than 2007. I do have a lot to be thankful for. I work for a great company, I have a boss who I not only like working with, I actually respect and enjoy working for. That hasn’t happened since 1997 when I was working in Houston. It makes the hugest difference when you come up with ideas….if people actually listen to them and actually do something with them. I’m not sure I can ever get used to that 🙂 I’ll try tho!

So…what does everyone do when the new year rolls around? It’s time for….NAME THAT RESOLUTION!!! It’s the latest craze sweeping the nation…Okay, no it’s not. It’s antiquated and most people last about 2 weeks, that’s why gym memberships are so popular in January. I’ll quit this, I’ll start doing that…Yeah, sure you will.

So what am I promising myself? I’m not going to make promises. I guess I’m promising not to make a promise? Eww, circular argument….DANGER WILL ROBINSON!

I’ve done a lot of reading and research and thinking (can you smell the smoke?) and more thinking and realized one essential thing. It’s just me. I’m the only one and only I can do it. I’d like to do many things, but truthfully, I’m not going to promise anything. I’m just going to try to be better to my kids. Try to be more conversant and available to my wife. Try to get to the dojo more often, to really fuel my need, my passion for touching that spark, that thread that I glimpsed so many times but got sidetracked or distracted. “Well, what if you move?” “What if you can’t make time?”

I can’t focus or worry about any of that. My practice is my responsibility.

Why is it we make plans with the best intentions, but they never turn out like we would like? Is it just me? I’d really like to know if anyone reading this feels the same way. How do you take a desire to do something that last more than 5 minutes and really work on it till you feel like you’re accomplishing something?