Dear Mr. & Mrs. Internet

I’ve been feeling down lately.

I was curious about it, so I looked up Midlife Crisis

Midlife crisis is a term used in Western societies to describe a period of dramatic self-doubt that is felt by some individuals in the “middle years” of life, as a result of sensing the passing of youth and the imminence of old age. Sometimes, transitions experienced in these years, such as aging in general, menopause, the death of parents, or children leaving home, can trigger such a crisis. The result may be a desire to make significant changes in core aspects of day to day life or situation, such as in career, marriage, or romantic relationships.

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mac mini

So it looks like we have a mac mini lying around the office and I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a mac of some sort to test run a development enviornment, so this will work out well.

The other thing I’ve been wanting to wrap my brain around Ruby and Ruby on Rails(ROR) to build web apps.  It’s a lightweight language that seems to be working for a lot of people in place of PHP.  I’ve been tasked with building a PHP app for someone and I’m thinking of setting up the mini to use Ruby and taking a stab at the app with it.

Wish me luck.

I think I found it..

Yes, yet another theme.  I think I like this one tho, it’s nice and simple.

Anyway, happy belated Father’s Day to everyone, hope your weekend was nice and relaxing.  We pretty much lazed around on Saturday and went to my parents on Sunday.  It was nice to see everyone and to spend some quality time with my brother.  Our respective kids were pretty much all over us so we tried to migrate to another part of the pool.  It was good.

Working on some projects for work, and for my side business.  Fae’s going to be helping me work on another piece of software that will hopefully make some bank and help ease the costs we have everyday.  Still loving working from home 3 days a week.

We’re going to Great Wolf Lodge on Wed and Thurs with Gillian’s brownie troop.  I’m looking forward to splashing around in the water with Fae and the kids.  Should be lots of fun.

What’s wrong with (the) US?

It all comes down to one thing. Not enough open minds. There is a shortage of them in this country. Look at what’s happening today in our country. Where the hell do you start? There’s so much wrong with what is up with all of us.

It’s all about what can I get, right now, and for as little as possible, and take advantage of as many people as possible.

The phrase “Why can’t we all just get along” comes to mind. Do I want to give up the US’s position in the world today so we can all be humble and just all be friends? Hell, if I had the answer to the question “How do we solve it all” I’d be the next president.

Can Obama do it? Can he get us back on our feet? I hope so. The guy certainly makes me want it badly, bad enough that I am actually knowledgeable enough to know that JFK’s daughter is the chairman of Obama’s committee to choose a VP. That one of the front runners is a well spoken Senator from Missouri – AND IS A WOMAN!! I know that John Cusack has something to say about McCain. I also know that McCain has an absolute zero tolerance for anything having to do with Pro-Choice.

Am I political activist? No. Would I be able to get into a political discussion with a staunch republican and duke it out? Probably not.

But I’m excited about politics and enjoying what’s happening, and hopeful for Obama’s message of Change to come forth.

So what’s up?

I’m officially addicted to Facebook 🙂 I’ve found people I haven’t talked to in 20 years, people I haven’t talked to in 20 minutes and a lot in between. It’s an interesting phenomena that I truly wish I had thought of 🙂

I’ve been working from home 3 days a week now and it’s truly paying off in how much I see my family. I can still get up at 6, work some, get the kids off to school, work some, have a nice lunch with my lady, work some, get the kids off the bus, work some, eat dinner, tie up a bunch of stuff for the next day and by 8:30, the Gillian’s in bed, Aidan and I are either talking, watching a movie, or just reading together and by 9:30, he’s in bed and Fae and I have our time.

I’m a lot more relieved about my job and how much time I spend since I don’t have to commute three hours to do it. Plus, with the price of gas….OYE!

Aidan and I are taking a Kendo class and it’s really a lot of fun. I’ll expand more into what we do and how it works in another post, but lets just say I’m feeling so close to my son right now. It’s amazing the things we talk about on the way home, including how f*&^ing tired and sore we were on Wednesday night coming home. We did a bunch of things we hadn’t done before and it left us reeling.

Gillian just had her final acting class and monologue yesterday and it was absolutely wonderful. I found it really interesting how natural she looked and felt while she was doing it. At one point, she starts delivering her lines while doing some stretching things and moves from cheerleading. Even her acting coach was impressed. “Wow, that was more natural than I’ve ever seen you. If you’d get better about memorizing your lines, you’d be AMAZING”. They ran through a bunch of the exercises they had done over the last several months and finished up with her monologue, which was really quite good. Of course I’m biased, but truly I thought she did really well.

Fae’s going to be helping me out with some of the work I’m getting backed up on. Hoping that I can introduce her to more than just html. If I could get her moving into css and graphics, I think we would start taking on a lot more work, and she’d feel like she was contributing more, which would be awesome. Right now she’s doing some small edits for me, and figuring her way around in the code.

Anyway, have a great day Mr. and Mrs. Internet!


My kitchen exploded

We’ve had a gnat or two flying around the house, thought it was some fruit or something else.

Until my wife opened the cabinet under the sink to get something and they practically swarmed. Cleared away a lot of the bottles to see not only was the floor buckling, there were small pools of moldy nasty water – hence, the gnats.

Clear out all the stuff, poke around in there and found the problem. The pipe out of my garbage disposal becomes unlodged when something big is in there and sprays it all over the place. Nice eh? So I mop up the pools, and realize that the floor is a shelf and it need to come out. It practically disintegrates in my hands (thank god, seriously. I wasn’t happy about ripping it all out) and comes out fairly easily. And the gods of karma must have been smiling because there was no liquid on the floor under neath.

So we went to home depot, got an extender for the garbage disposal and some flooring to replace the shelf in there. Cut the pieces measured everything pretty much perfectly. Something was nagging at me tho. It had been sagging in two places. Why? Who cares?!?!

So I put down a cover to be able to just pull out and wash when I have to. We cleaned up and made some dinner. I go back in to put all the stuff back underneath. What’s there?

A puddle.

Turns out, it’s from the insta-hot. An insta-hot is something that gives you almost boiling water, and considering the amount of tea my wife drinks, it’s a necessity. We’re on our second one. The water was dripping down the plug. Nice eh? So we’re calling a plumber to come and either replace it, or fix it. From where the water is coming, I’m thinking it’ll be him replacing the unit.

Great. So much for me feeling good about my plumbing skills.

Guys looking stoopid

Something has been bothering me for the last several years, and I know, I shouldn’t bitch or moan because women have been victimized for so long….

At first it bothered me that so many of the commercials lately are concentrated not on the big boobed bimbo or some other scantily clad woman trying to sell you what ever is so unrelated it’s not even funny, but on the ‘Stoopid Husband’ principal. Lets take a product and somehow sell it by exploiting the perceived inability of a man to have a coherent thought or remember an anniversary or birthday.

I’m all for empowering women and being equal and trying to have a normal society, but I think that selling products by putting down guys, well, shit, lets just expand the post to putting down ANYONE, in a humorous manner is uncool, and truthfully puts me off.

Case in point – I just saw an ad online for the new 8G Nokia. “My nokia will do anything” slogan that has a guy hooked up to a lie detector program on the phone while his wife asks why he forgot their anniversary and he stands there lying about why he forgot and the phone saying “Lying”. When he finally says something to the effect of “I’m going to take you out to dinner to make up for it” she gets a satisfied look on her face and says “That’s what I thought” or something along those lines.

Why is that funny? Why does that sell?
For that matter, why do products with the aforementioned big boobed blonde sell? Is it all about “What’s the current hook?” and who can we exploit, or in the case of my problem – who can we make fun of – to sell a product?

Love my way….

During my first try at college I had a musical awakening. The guy across the hall introduced me to quite a bit of new music that I still love to this day. Some of it in particular, The Firm, The Alarm, the Psychedelic Furs – make me immediately think of my wife. She was WAY more into a lot of this stuff than I was.

I’m listening to iTunes on scramble and the Furs – Love My Way just came on and I felt an immediate warm rush of love for the woman who married me almost 15 years ago.

ps – As I went for a link to Mary Washington College, I see now it’s University of Mary Washington. Coming up in the world eh guys? Sorry, but Univ of anything but the name of the city or state sounds mildly ridiculous. Just my .02$ 🙂