All about me

I saw on someones profile a long list and I thought I would do it too.

I love my wife.  Not only love her, but I like her too.
I love my kids.  I don’t have enough space to go into that.
I love martial arts.  I definitely prefer ones where I can punch, kick, throw or all three.
I love the fact that I blog and people actually read it.
I love the fact that I’m friends with people I’ve never actually met.
I love the fact that my boss takes me seriously and I am doing good things at my company.
I love chocolate chip cookies.
I love the fact that I have been able to catch up with people on Facebook I want to catch up with, and keep up with the people I didn’t like in High School to see if they got old, fat, or bald – or all three.
I love the fact that blogging makes me bold, that I say things I would normally never have said.
I love the way my kids heads smell after they shower.
I love Audio books, the only thing that saves me on my commute.
I love the fact that people actually like me and think I am cool.  No, you don’t all have to admit it at once.
I love the fact that I feel connected with something on a higher level when I’m doing forms, using weapons, or doing anything associated with martial arts.

I’d love to write a book.
I’d love to skydive.
I’d love to be able to redo high school, knowing what I do now.
I’d would have loved to meet Thurman Munson even tho I’m a die-hard Red Sox fan.
I’d love to be more confident in myself.
I’d love to invent something that would take the power away from everyone who is corrupt, and send them all to Africa and other troubled places to do penance for all of their bullshit.
I’d love to find a way to stop people from harming the planet.
I’d love for the people who read my blog to ALL comment instead of just reading, tho if you’re not comfortable with commenting, I’m loving that you’re reading.

I hate money and what it does to people.
I hate the fact that I will never smoke pot again.
I hate close minded people – Democrats AND Republicans.
Sorry, but I hate Sarah Palin.
And Yeah, I can’t stand the Shrub, I mean GW Bush.  (heh heh)
I hate the fact that Jon Stewart won’t run for President
Not crazy about the current economy, but who can blame me.
I hate that I can’t continue this, because I’m supposed to be working.

My lunatic brother

Who I am also proud as hell of.

My brother Tom has been looking for a way to get in shape.  I figured he’d go to the gym, or maybe join a martial arts studio.  Him?  No.  He’s going to do a Half Ironman Triathlon.  Tom doesn’t do things small, obviously 🙂

In his quest to get back in shape, he came across a website that trains teams for these things.  Please PLEASE go and donate whatever you can to his cause, it’s for LLS – Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and I think it’s fabulous that not only is he helping himself, but he’s helping out people who really need it.  He’s doing what some people can’t so that someday they might be able to have a decent life.

Go and take a look at Tom’s Training Page

better day

Not sure what it was about my night last night, but I feel like I lost something icky and nasty.  After blogging about things, I went to sleep and woke up this morning feeling much better about life in general, and my job in particular.

Got a bunch of stuff accomplished, spent a lot of time talking to my boss about things to do and steps to take.  Really productive day.

AND I worked out.  Ran a mile, did some endurance punching (50 at a time) and some kicks with some situps and pushups thrown in for good measure.  I like working out with my boss.  Hopefully at some point, we can talk while we run, and not gasp for air 😉

I’d write more, but I’m tuckered out.

Editable therapy

I was have a crappy day, probably one of the worst I’ve had in a while.  Just a real ‘drag you down for a roll’ kind of crap.

And then I blogged, and for some reason, I felt better.  Why?  Did the internet hear my whine and send me the magic internet happy pill?  No, but wouldn’t it be cool if there was one?  I think it’d be the blue pill from the Matrix.  But I digress.

Why is it, that I feel better for bearing my uniquely crappy experience for you, my adoring public?  (And why am I hearing so many crickets?)  It’s not because of the out pouring of emotion that I am getting or the big cash payoff, tho I do accept checks.  It’s because I got it off my chest.  Tho I do have to admit the few comments of shared crappy days from friends on Facebook, and a couple of emails of people sympathizing definitely did make me feel a little better.

I think it’s the whole process of writing.  It’s me, sitting down at my keyboard and banging away on the keys, hoping that some of it makes sense.  It’s me typing, then hitting backspace a few times, and rewriting that thought so I can capture the emotion.  You know what I mean when you go to say something, and once you ‘say’ it, you realize if you say it a little different, THAT’s what you were shooting for.  It’s like editable therapy.

Ooooh, did I just coin a phrase?  Hmm, I just changed the title of the entry and I am liking this much better.

Editable therapy.  Interesting concept.  I can really blow out all of the crap that I’m thinking, really delve deeply into just how shitty my day was, and write it all out.  And then I can go back and take some of it back – no, I don’t want my Mom reading about how I went into the bathroom at work to wash my hands, and while I was standing there, two guys walked in, and TOTALLY blamed me for someone that had been in there previously and didn’t know the meaning of the phrase, “Courtesy Flush”

Shit, Okay, so my Mom is going to read some of the crap I didn’t want to write.  But that’s the beauty of this concept, it’s editable – if I want it out there, I can leave it out there, or go back and delete when I realize I REALLY don’t want my Mom reading something.

Anyway, something else occurred to me as I was writing things out.  I’m taking credit for making myself feel better and it just occurred to me – that there’s another part of the therapy.  In most therapeutic scenarios, there’s someone listening and at least nodding and saying ‘Mmmm hmmm’.  But this is better.  I shit you not, like 5 minutes after I posted how shitty a day I was having on Facebook, a guy I knew in highschool commented ‘My day sucked too’.  And not 10 minutes after I blogged about it, I got an email sympathising with me.  That’s the internet being my therapist and saying ‘Mmmm Hmmm’ to me.

wow.  all these ephiphanies, all at once.  I think I’m gonna faint.
Instead, I think i’ll go to sleep before midnight for once.

Just about the worst day ever…

You ever have one of those days that nothing seems to go right?  Before I get in too deep, let me tell you, I’m not looking for pity, I just need to rant.  So if you’ve just had about the shittiest day imaginable, you can stop reading now, seriously 😉

I actually got to work without hitting the huge amount of traffic on my way in, that should have told me something.  Made it in without any significant sitting, which considering the shape the Tappan Zee is in right now, is considerable.  Got in, had a cup of coffee.

“Well that did absolutely zip” I mumbled to myself as I went to get another cup.  3/4 the way through the 2nd, I started feeling human and that’s when the portal I’m building decided to play hide and seek with code I was trying to implement.  And then links went missing for no apparent reason.  And the contractors that are updating a bunch of our old apps STILL hadn’t called or sent me an update on the proposal for hours and cost.

And then my boss, who is probably one of the smarted people I know, but not a programmer said, “Did you check this?”  Which I was sure I had, but as he went to try it, the most obvious thing imaginable, I realized I hadn’t.  And the problem turned out to be something so simple, it really knocked me for a loop.

You ever feel totally useless, like you’re not sure why they let you still work there?  Man that sucked so bad.  The great thing about my boss is he joked “So, that was a 4 hour traffic jam you just got out of, glad you finally got here” speaking for the time I totally wasted on something that wasn’t an issue.  And then something else stopped working, and 5 people asked me to do 10 different things.

“I suck” was going through my head for most of the day 🙂  I just want to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow to a happier and hopefully less traumatic day.

Oh yeah, so when I went in to hang up my pants and shirt?  The rod holding up my pants hangers dumped all of them plus a bunch of shirts.

Yeah, feeling like Charlie Brown – I”m Doomed! 😉

If you made it this far, thanks:)

Cool Tech Stuff

Okay.  I’m sure that most of you have gotten this call, for those of us who do this for a living, probably weekly.

“Hi honey, it’s <insert relative’s name>.  I’m having a problem with my computer.  There’s an error”
You sigh to yourself and say, “Okay, what does it say?”
“It’s just an okay button.  Do I push it, it says I should if I want to buy something”


“My printers not working, why not?”
“Well, I’m in Jersey, and you’re not, so it’s not like I can look out my window and see”
“There’s a flashing light, does that tell you anything?”

I think you get the point.  I’m all for my family asking for help, I don’t mind at all, but it’s REALLY hard to diagnose things when I can’t see their screens.

Well, thank my boss, who found a really good app.  And please consider buying the whole thing, it always helps developers, but they do have a free app version :):)  It’s called LogMeIn (it’s Log Me In) and what it does is allow you do download a small application onto a computer, and you can log into their website, and ‘see’ what they do.  I used it the other day and it’s really cool.  This way, when Aunt Gertrude calls you and asks you to help them with their computer (which is probably older than your kids), you can log into the website and help them easily and probably a LOT faster.

I’m going to spend my holiday vacation at my parents installing it on their computer, my aunt’s and probably my bro too.

The other little doodad I found is a Twitter app.  It’s called OutTwit and it allows you to update Twitter from Outlook.  Just type, hit enter and boom.  Don’t have to open a browser or go to Facebook because come on, you already spend enough time in there as it is.

epic snowball fight

So we’re at my neph’s Bar Mitzvah (ftnitk – it’s a confirmation for jewish kids.  Bar for boys, Bat for girls, B’Nai if there’s more than one, ie plural), and I step outside for a breath of fresh air.  I used to smoke like a chimney so I think it’s a subconscious need to go outside and at least smell the smoke 😉

A few of my wife’s cousins were out there, A, J, O, S, & F with a few of their wives (I told them I would never use their names on my blog and I meant it).  So A & J are trying to hit a sign with snowballs, both missing in epic fashion (yes, epic is my WOTD so if you don’t like it, suck it!), and I didn’t want to either embarrass them by hitting it the first time, or myself by missing even worse, so I let them go at it.  While they were doing this, a group of local kids came walking by.  Keep in mind, we’re all in button down shirts and ties, the kids are all in coats, hats, and gloves.  This is Philadelphia in December kiddies, it was pretty freakin cold.

So the kids start making snowballs and making fun of A&J for missing.  J, who is taller and bigger than I am (I’m 6’2″, 220) looks them over and says, “What’s UP?” in a challenging tone.  I realize quickly that they are all armed, and the only ones that have any on our side are A&J and their aim hasn’t been so good.  So I get two in hand and slide up behind J when the first one throws.  The three of us with snowballs manage to keep them at bay, meanwhile I’m praying the rest of the crowd gets some ready and they charge us.

Luckily, their aim is pretty sucky too, they’re rushing, trying to hide behind cars and all that.  This poor girl, probably around 15, has this small boulder in her hands and starts to charge us.  Me?  I stood there waiting for it.  She chucks it, pretty hard I might add, and I catch it in midair, and peg her in the ass with it while she tries to get away.  “Dude, that guy fuckin caught it midair!” I heard, as a bigger kid tries to peg me in the head.  Again, I caught it and hit him with it as well.  The problem is, I’m standing out there alone with only a partially crushed snowball in my hand behind my back.

J, A, S, F, O, and A2 come charging in and pelt the kids till they start running.

What a cool feeling.  Gotta love winning a snowball fight.  We went back and forth, them trying to get cheap shots, us trying to get back inside without being tagged as we walked through the door.  The funniest thing was the people who worked at the place were cheering for us 🙂

We went back inside and J slaps me on the shoulder.  “You’re nuts man” he says talking about catching them in midair.  “I can still probably hit 2nd base from a crouch.  I was a catcher for 6 years and I have really good aim.”  He laughed saying, “No doubt!”

Cool bonding situation.

Oh, and Mike  and MammaDawg?  Snow is what happens when rain gets really really cold.  You can sometimes pack it together in a ball and throw it at people. 😉

first of many

I’m going to post about several things today, I know, don’t faint Mike.

My nephews bar mitzvah was last night, and I have to tell you, I was seriously dreading it. Not because of the occassion or anyone there, I’m finding as I get older that I’m almost anxious before any social occassion. Not hide in a corner anxious, but definitely ‘I don’t want to go and it would be easier if I just stayed home and watched movies all night’ anxious.

That being said, we all got ready drove to Philly and all four of us had a really good time. Which I knew we would. So why was I anxious?

Am I becoming that grumpy old uncle that ‘hates these things’, or just completely anti-social?

The funny thing is, I can get along with anyone, pull anyone into a conversation, and have a good time with most groups of people. So what’s my deal?

Not sure, that’s why I’m blogging about it. Tends to help me gets my thoughts together. We had a great time dancing with the kids and each other, catching up with all of Fae’s family, and just having a nice night out. Again, which I knew we would.

Anyway, I think just realizing that its happening and going anyway helps. Its not like I wouldn’t have gone, and I’m glad because my nephew did beautifully.