TAG! Part 9

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Trying to get a hold of himself, Matt fixed a cup of coffee and attracted the waitresses attention.  The woman was older, and looked to be fairly disgruntled that he had come in and interrupted her nap in the kitchen.  He smiled nervously and her demeanor seem to soften, the motherly side of her winning out seeing this young man sitting here nervously. 

“Meeting someone?” she asked.

“Yes” he responded excitedly.

“This can’t be a first date” she started, her expression bemused.  She stopped and smiled truly when she read the expression on his face.

“Actually yeah, it is.”  he began, but his breath caught in his throat.  He had been looking forward to this moment since the first glance at the sushi bar several hours before.  Time seemed to slow, like in one of those corny commercials, as she practically burst through the door, her gaze swinging back and forth until her eyes met his.  He stood up to make sure she could see him, a bit unnecessary since the only ones in the restaurant were Matt, the waitress, and Fae.  She was in the middle of pulling a tie out of her hair, shaking it loose around her shoulders as she walked towards him.  Identical smiles lit both their faces as she moved down the aisle and stopped to stand in front of him.  It was obvious that neither of them knew what to do next.

He slowly raised his hand in front of him smiling.  “Hi, I’m Matt.  I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced.”  The grin on his face was mischevous, reinforcing the fact that he felt and was acting like he was back in high school.  She ignored the hand and slid up close, her hands cupping his face, slowly moving into a soft kiss.  It lasted only a moment, but the touch of her lips sent a rush through his body.  She moved back and smiled.

“Been wanting to do that for hours.” she said winking at him, her grin mirroring his from a moment ago, his face now slack with surprise.  She took his hand and shook it, “Hi Matt, I”m Fae.  Now I think we’ve been formally introduced.”  He shook his head slightly, as if waking from a dream, his grin spreading quickly across his face.

“Would you like some coffee?  Something to eat?”  He said, gesturing for her to sit in the booth.  She looked to the woman and said, “Coffee please” and sat down.  Matt turned his attention to the woman who was standing there, her eyebrows arched, holding back a smile.  “Could you bring some extra creamers?” he asked and slid in the booth across from Fae.

“Can I ask a favor?” she said, her eyes sparkling with something he couldn’t read.

“Sure” he said, leaning forward.

“Can you kiss me again?  That was yummy!” she said, practically dancing in her seat.

He simply smiled and leaned forward, where she met him in the middle of the table.  This kiss was a bit longer, but still fairly decent, even for 3am at a diner.  IT just felt right.  The suppleness of her lips, the way she tilted her head, the way she had of resting her fingers on his cheek.  She pulled back slowly, her eyes opening as she leaned back into her seat.  “Yeah, that’s what I thought” she breathed.

“Thought” he asked curiously.

“Yeah, I knew you’d be a great kisser when I saw you …GOD, was it only yesterday?” she said, her eyebrows shooting up.  She pushed her hair behind her ears as the waitress brought another cup and a plateful of creamers.  Grabbing the pot on the table, she poured a cup for Fae and said, “I’m guessing you’ll need a few minutes.”

They both nodded as she put the pot down on the table and turned away, walking back towards the kitchen.  Matt could see her standing at a prep station near the other side of the restaurant, visible enough so they could see her, but hidden enough to allow them privacy.  He turned his attention back to the woman in front of him.  The first thing he noticed was that her cheeks were still fairly pink, and not from make up.  She rubbed her hands together and shrugged down deeper into her coat.

“Are you cold?” he asked.

“Yeah, a little.  I’m in a dress for dancing, and my convertible is still waiting for a part so I can finally bring the top up on it.  So until then, I have to drive around, freezing my BUTT off!”

“Ah, that’s why you had your hair up” he said.

“Yeah.  I was trying for one of those “I can’t believe it’s not butter” moments when I came in, taking my hair out and shaking it luxuriously” she emoted dramatically.  Then she giggled, “How did I do?”

“It was perfect, let me tell you.  Took my breath away” he emoted a bit dramatically, but he knew they both knew it wasn’t an act and that there was definitely something between them.  Normally in a situation like this, he would retreat and shut down, avoiding the subject.  Matt was not good at putting himself out there, or opening himself up to knew experiences.  The problem with that was, that seemed to be all he was doing with this woman.  He looked at her in amazement, not understanding how he had gotten to this moment.  Sitting across from a beautiful woman who obviously thought he was at least attractive and possibly a little charming.  He shook his head in wonderment.

“What” she said, a smile playing across her face as she lifted the menu.

“This kind of thing just doesn’t happen to me.  I mean you always think that it only happens in movies or in books, but I don’t meet people this easily and feel comfortable this quickly.  Please don’t get the wrong impression, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, I’m just very surprised at myself.”  He said the last, picking up his menu and practically hiding behind it.

She lifted her hand and pulled the menu down, her face serious as she looked into his eyes.  She noticed that they were a very dark brown, something she could almost drown in.  Her smile slowly got bigger and bigger as his did the same.  “Me neither champ.  I haven’t had a date in over two years, and suddenly, I’m back in college flirting with a cute guy who takes my breath away.  How about we just suspend the worrying about what we normally do, and just talk and have breakfast?”

He nodded, his mouth opening and shutting once more.

“What” she said, knowing he wanted to say something.

“Can I ask a favor now?” he said, leaning forward, she knew, for a kiss.  She raised her hand to his face and gently kissed him, breathing in his smell, her eyes open this time, seeing the depths of his dark brown eyes up close.  “Definitely drownable” she thought to herself and lost herself for a moment in what could be called nothing else but the ‘perfect kiss’.

He pulled back first this time, a smile lighting his face as he said, “Yep, that was yummy.”


Pretty strange walking in there for the first time. Beautiful park, but it just wasn’t Shea. I’m a diehard RedSox fan, but since I can’t get up to Boston as much as I would like, I am lucky enough to have a best friend with season tickets 🙂 Friday was an just an exhibition, but I still got to see my boys play.
Rain? What rain. This is NY! Oh, rain delay in the 5th inning. bummer. Didn’t get there till mid 4th inning because his flight was late. Drove around for a LONG time looking for parking. Ugh.

Hopefully they learned something from the pandemonium of the parking situation. I think there was also a lot of lots being taken up because it was the opening of the stadium so lots and lots of VIP parking, most of which wasn’t taken.

Still in all, had a great time, got to sit, watch baseball with my son, my best friend and his son. Sure we got a little wet, but one thing was proven more than anything else. Baseball season is starting 🙂

TAG! Storyline1, part 7

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A car horn brought his attention away from the mysterious woman and back to the road he was driving down. After saying goodbye to Terri, he had sat in his car, trying not to giggle. He waved at her as she pulled out of the lot, a small part of him feeling bad for taking her away from her family, but another small part of him understanding that she had a wonderful man at home who just got what a good woman she was, and how wonderful she had been with him. He was not sure he would be able to do the same, and respected Rich for it all the more.

Shaking his head and concentrating on driving, he managed to make it home all in one piece. Locking his car and jogging up the few steps to his front door, he unlocked it and went inside. The grandfather clock chimed softly as he walked in, he glanced at the clock and noticed it was 11pm. Hanging up his jacket and dropping his keys into a dish on a dresser in the hallway, he stepped out of his shoes and into his apartment.

“UGH!” he said out loud. There was a pizza box on the coffee table, soda cans and coffee mugs on the side table, and the carpet hadn’t looked like it had seen a vacuum in months. He nodded determinedly, “Change changes things” he thought to himself, referring to his whole outlook. Picking up the pizza box, he walked into the kitchen and took the trashbag out of the garbage can threw it inside the bag, pushing down the garbage to make more room.

Walking back out into the living room, he filled his hands with empty and half-empty cans, bringing them into the kitchen and upending them into the sink to drain. He pulled the back into the living room and swept the worst of the crumbs from the coffee and side tables, stopping briefly to examine a stain on the side table that looked an awful lot like dried up mayo. “Oh Eww” he exclaimed disgustedly.

Wiping the rest of the smaller crumbs into the bag, not really caring if they made it in, he cleared off the tables and put the garbage bag by the front door. The dining room was fairly clean except for the dust he could physically see on the mantle, chandelier and table. Running a hand across the table, he kicked up enough dust to cause him to cough and sneeze. Shaking his head and laughing to himself, he stripped off the hoodie and tshirt he was wearing, went into the kitchen to grab the oxyclean and a roll of paper towels, he murmured”Look out house, we’ll see what you’re really made of.”

Three and a half hours later, he stood in his front hall, holding the handle of a long broom that he had used to get dust and spiderwebs from the corners of the vaulted ceiling in his dining room. He was physically exhausted, his eyes stung, and his hands hurt. But the whole house smelled like the one back home. His mother, an un-denying neat freak, couldn’t have done better. Well, maybe a little. Looking at the clock, seeing it was 2:30am, he put the cleaning products away, took the trash outside, and went upstairs to take a shower.

He took a step into his bathroom before he retreated back into his bedroom. The indicator light on his blackberry was red. “Great, another process failed” he sighed, referring to the work he had done to migrate some data for accounting. Pulling it out and scrolling it up to the current messages, he saw it wasn’t the generic system email, but something from ladyfae@hotmail.com.

He opened it and waited for Outlook to display the message before realizing it was a message from her. It read:
Turned out to be a chore after all, they’re drunk and I’m sober. Don’t feel like dancing, would rather talk to you.
Wish I had gone to B&N with ya!

He looked at the time stamp and realized it had only been sent 15 minutes ago. He quickly replied:
I hear you, I usually get designated to be the driver. B&N wasn’t the same without you. Up for brunch tomorrow?

He held his breath as he hit send. He was so glad he had given her his card and she had thought to reach out using his email from work. He hit refresh 10 or 11 times before he realized that she had either put it away or turned it off.

“Oh well” he said, sighing, but happily. He put the phone on his dresser and grabbed a towel from the closet in the hall. As he walked into his bathroom, he checked the indicator light and it was green, no messages. He wiggled his eyebrows and brought the phone in the bathroom, putting it on a shelf by the shower door. He turned on the water, got in, closed the sliding glass door and checked the light again. Still green. Soaping up his now sweaty and cleaning product soaked skin, he washed quickly and rinsed even more so. He rinsed the last of the soap from his back and shoulders and turned the water off.

As he slid the door open and grabbed his towel, he noticed the light had turned red again.