Why hath thou forsaken me?

A conversation with my body:

Body, what is up?

What do you mean what is up?  This is your fault!

MY fault?  Jesus, Body, what do you want me to do?  You start giving me the ‘old’ feelings, so I get off my ass and start working out.

Uh, yeah about “working out”.  How’s that going for you?  (it says as it giggles)

and so on and so on.  What is the deal?  I start feeling old, start realizing that I need to get into some kind of shape.  I get off my fat ass and start DOING something about it, and what happens?  This hurts, or that won’t let me run, or I CAN’T FEEL MY FREAKIN FINGER!  WTF?!?

SO frustrating.  I’ve been dealing with shoulder issues since the accident, but it seems that if I do something regularly, even if it’s just stretching, that seems to keep that part okay.  Then my left elbow started feeling like some rabid platypus named Perry is stabbing it with an icepick.  (yes, that’s a phineas and ferb reference).  So I went to an orthopedist who ended up telling me that even tho he had just spent 4 months telling me that my shoulder tightness and elbow pain, and index finger numbness were all related – oh MRI?  Yeah, not so related after all, it’s clean.

Cool, I can really put more effort into running.  What Tom?(my brother)  You want to go run on the boardwalk?  Cool!  Nah, I don’t need my running shoes that I left in my office that is now almost 2 hours away since I’m in Long Island. 

AWESOME!  I ran 2.25 miles, and I’m not afraid of the triathlon anymore.  Wait, what?  Why do my feet hurt, and why is it on the outside of both feet.  Well, fuck!  Okay, I’ll ride the bike and lift weights, I finally got a cortizone shot and my left elbow is feeling fab and my shoulders are nice and loose.  Um, why is my right wrist swollen and how come it huts to pick up stuff?  Ganglion Cyst?  WTF Is that?  Oh, okay.  Thanks Body, I appreciate you making that go away on it’s own.  Really felt like I was wearing a tourniquet on my right wrist.  

Cool, my left arm is good.  Left shoulder is good, wrist is fine.  Wait, why does my knee hurt now?  I have Kendo tonight.  Fuck it, I’m going anyway.  Wasn’t too bad – what are you doing Body?  Is this just one big PSYCHE! and it’ll go away?  Well, it’s the weekend and of course saturday night, my right wrist keeps swelling, but no pain.  I’m gonna go to Jujitsu tomorrow.  Wait, let me check the weather.  Ah, great.  75% chance of thunderstorms in the morning, should clear up for me to get into my car at that point.

Okay, I think you all get the picture at this point.  I keep asking myself, why do I bother?  I’m not 21 anymore, I get that.  I get that my body is reminding me of that.  But don’t I get any credit in the karmic credit plan here for at least trying?  I mean is the goddess of ‘fucked up jokes’ and ‘laughing at someone until you pee’ having an absolute field day with me right now?  

Okay, lets make him ache in places where he’s never really ached.  Yeah, throw in joint popping, that’s always fun.  Wait wait!  He’s going to work out, lets mess with his knees so he can’t run, and then when he tries to get around it, lets mess him up good by giving him headaches and the runs!  AWESOME! MOO HAA HAA!


Sensei asked me if I was okay this morning, mentioned I looked a little off.  When he asked me how the elbow was my response was, “The ELBOW is fine today sir”.  

“Something else bugging you?”

Now you have to understand, I feel like a serious putz at times, mostly because I’m always opening my mouth and saying stupid shit or just talking because I’m nervous or realizing that short compact people are much better at this than us tall overweight people.  I’m done doing that.  I just said, “Nothing worth mentioning Sensei, thanks for asking.  I’m tired of whining.”  He smiled and clapped me on the back adding that if I ever wanted an avenue to bitch, I could email or call him.  Which I might do.

I think that’s the thing.  I think I’m trying to do too many things all at once – Kendo, Jujitsu, and train for the Tri.  Since he’s a coach as well as being a sensei, he might have a good idea of how to do it all, and do it the right way.  I’m just tired of trying and my body giving me the finger everytime I accomplish something.  I went to class today, mostly hoping that I wouldn’t hurt myself, or mess up something not already hurt.

And to top off my shit story, I was being a total dick to the kids at the store, probably because most of this crap was all tied up in my stomach.  Excuse me, I need to go hang out with the offspring.  No, they weren’t totally blameless in all of this (Gillian being repetitive and Aidan just not using his brain), but they didn’t deserve the cold shoulder I gave them when we went out to the store today.

Trying to be better

I’ve been trying to post more often, but then I look around and it’s days since I have.  There’s a lot going on right now, mostly physically.

So I’m 40, and I’m trying to get back into shape.  I’ve been going to the gym 2-3 times a week, taking kendo on wednesdays, taking jujitsu on sundays.  I should be feeling wonderful.

Dude, I feel like pounded shit right now.  I just drove home from a really nice dinner with the folx in my IT department (no, I don’t drink, so it’s not that).  We all sat and had drinks and dinner, and it was just nice hanging out with them in a relaxed atmosphere.

btw – I don’t understand how people still go to bars.  Dude!  It was fine when we got there, but by the time we were ready to leave around 8, we were pretty much yelling across the table.  Nuts.  Glad I don’t drink or have to go out to bars anymore. 🙂

Anyway, so what the hell is wrong with me?  I ran 2.25 miles on saturday and my foot is still hurting.  My right wrist started hurting for no reason end of last week (someone here thought it might be a ganglion cyst – sounds like star trek ;)).  My ankle has been stiff as hell for the last month.

Why do I bother?  It seems the more I work out, the more I hurt myself.  And it just occurred to me that most of the reason I may be getting sore or hurt is because I don’t stretch.  That and I ran in soccer shoes on Saturday which was flippin stupid as hell.

Anyway, I need to go to bed.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a fairly recent arrival, I was surprised to find out.  Sometime in the 20th century.  There are other things that can be connected to it, in many different religions pagan and monotheistic.

I like to think of it as a day where Mom’s don’t have to do shit.  Where the kids and Dad really go out of their way to let her relax and just do nothing.  Problem for some Mom’s is doing nothing is almost next to impossible.  I’m about to go upstairs and volunteer to go into the attic and get all the spring and summer stuff down so we can change over stuff.  Before you say it, I already made a trip up 2 months ago for the kids clothes.  This is more hers and my stuff, sheets, and the fans we put in the windows.

My wife is one of those people who doesn’t like to sit still, so I’m having the kids finish up cards for their grandma and great grandma, and then we’re going to go volunteer for duty.  Me?  I have a feeling I’m going to be going up and down a ladder for most of the afternoon, but that’s okay.  It needs to be done, and it helps create a sense of accomplishment, getting rid of the “Need to get into the attic” part of the HoneyDo List.

We went out yesterday to my parents in LI to spend the day with them.  It was nice, we got out there around lunch, but my brother and I left the womenz at the house with my aunts and parents and took the kids to the Long Beach boardwalk.  We both brought the kids bikes so while they rode down the boardwalk, my brother and I ran.  It was slow jogging, but it felt pretty good.  Nice cool breeze off the ocean, sun was warm, I started sweating after about 2 min, but all in all, we only stopped to walk once.  My bro is training for a triathlon, but has been sick for a few weeks with a wicked sinus infection so he hasn’t been able to train.  We made our way down to the end, sprinting the last 200 yards or so.  The kids were waiting for us at the end, “EXHAUUUUUUUUUUUUUSTED” as they put it.  You’d think they just ran a marathon.  My tri is in July and I’ve been really nervous about the run portion.  The swim will be difficult, the ride I’m not even thinking about because I could do it in my sleep, but the run was really worrying me.

We asked a guy if he knew how long it was from one end of the boardwalk to the other and he said “2.25 miles”.

I was floored.  I did it!  The most I had done at work on the treadmill was 1.5 and I was fairly dead.  This was a TOTAL different experience.  It wasn’t easier, it just didn’t seem nearly as hard, and it was the longest run I have done to date (at least training for this I mean).  My brother smiled and said “Not nearly as scary now is it?” 

Oh HELL no!  If I could do this and still feel like I did when I finished, if I keep training, I’m going to kick ASS!  Granted, my right hip is killing me right now, but I’m stretching it out and planning on going for a short run tomorrow.  He’s also sending me a calendar on when to do what training.  

Anyway, back to Mother’s Day.  Husbands, do something nice for your wife – you get double points if you do it without her asking you to.  Triple points if you do it without her asking and if it’s been something she’s been asking you to do for a long time.  I think that’s the key here tho.  Don’t just go buy her something sparkly, tho you can do that.  Do something FOR her, something that will make her feel like you give a shit 🙂

And for all – CALL YOUR MOTHER!

Simpler look

Yeah, I change my theme around a bit, sorry if it shocked you:)  Looking for something different, and yet, japanese.  I should learn how to design and do it myself because  I never seem to be satisfied.

Mother’s Day

So what is everyone doing for Mother’s Day this year?  We’re going to head out to my parents for the day on Saturday to spend the day with them and my aunts and brother and his fam.  Should be pretty cool.  Sunday I have class, but I’m going to make my honey breakfast in bed, maybe go for a nice walk, hang out at the park with the kids – just get out and enjoy the day.  If it rains?  I forsee snuggling in bed with the kids with popcorn and movies.

what are you going to do?


It seems that whenever you ask him to smile, he looks a little sick.  Caught him before he could ‘try’ to smile in this shot.  Funny thing is, when he smiles for real and not being posed, it lights up his face. 🙂

aidan at my parents over Easter

Cheaper Than Therapy

My Butt Hurts!

Normally, my Sunday martial arts class is a mixture of sword practice, staff practice and jujitsu.  FTNITK, jujitsu is explained here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jujitsu

I’ve always been a keep your distance kind of fighter, mostly because I’m 6’2″ and I have long arms and legs.  I don’t want you up inside my guard because I lose most of my advantage.  So studying jujitsu has been eye opening as well as frustrating as hell some times.  

My class is 2 hours on sunday mornings and usually equally split up into three sections.  So when I got out of my car, I was hoping for a short jujitsu session because my elbow was killing me.  Sensei called from the middle of the yard, “No Weapons”.  Shit.  2 hours of Jujitsu.  Just what I needed.  If you haven’t been following my insistent whining, I’ve been having issues with my elbow with pain in straightening it completely – a form of tennis elbow that martial artists call Samurai Elbow – the use of the muscles to stop the sword at the end of the stroke is wicked painful.

I had gotten a shot of cortizone on friday, so I was hoping to hell it would kick in.  We did our workout, putting sets of pushups in between the exercises we were doing, and I have to say, not only did I have a really good class, but my elbow is feeling pretty freakin good right now.  I’m working on sitting straight and relaxing my shoulders in hopes that it’ll loosen the knots there, and hopefully not add to the tension in my arm causing my elbow to hurt.

Now, why does my butt hurt?  Dude, I got thrown around for 2 freakin hours.  Have you ever done a lot of situps and then been really sore the next morning?  Multiply that by 10, and you have an idea of how sore I am right now.  It’s amazing how much you can work out muscles with simple things as picking yourself up off the floor.

update: I wrote this last night, it’s now Monday and I am even more sore.  Funny thing is, I can’t wait to go downstairs and ride the bike and run for a bit to work out all of this.