Keepin busy

So I’ve been pretty busy lately, doing research for things at work, kids stuff, generally taking it easy and re-reading several series.  I’ve also been doing a lot of work on my genealogy on and generally messing things up more than not 🙂  It’s hard getting people straight.

I’ve got several websites I’m working on, one of which should be a big one that I’m doing with my friend Charl who has forgotten more about design, color and page layout than I will ever understand.  I do all the techie crap under the hood that sends him into a corner screaming for mommy, so I think it’ll be a good mix.  I’ll keep ya posted.

My father in law called at around 11:30 on Saturday night to ask a favor.  Before I go on, you have to understand how seldom he asks for help.  He was having some pain in his groin and it was enough to make him want to go to the hospital.  My mother in law can’t drive after dark, and he couldn’t take himself, so I was over there in 2 minutes flat.  Yeah, Fae and I were having a romantic time and conversation, but to say I would do just about anything for this man is putting it mildly.  That includes dropping my wife to get him to a hospital 🙂

Stayed until around 2, they wanted to give him something to make catscans show up better, so he called me and told me to split that it was going to take several hours to even take the test and when all was said and done, my mother in law could pick him up early in the morning so I went home to crash.

If you can spare a prayer, some energy, good thoughts for him, he’s in a lot of pain.  The docs think it’s his back, that a nerve may be pinched and some issues with his lymph nodes, I don’t know.  They’re not super worried, but they knocked his ass out.  Went over there after kendo tonight and he was out cold, which is good because he’s to the point he’s got to use a urinal and sleep in a recliner he’s hurting so badly.

I just want to go on record as saying I don’t want to get old, even tho 72 isn’t that old.  Still.  Getting old sucks.

I’m going to go eat some ginger snaps and read my book.

Oh yeah, got another cortisone shot and the doc wants to get an MRI of my elbow to see what we can do next.  It’ll either be a PRP treatment or surgery.  PRP is just taking my blood, spinning it to separate things, and injecting the healing factors right into the sore spot.  Not my idea of a good time, no sir.

Excuse I DIDN’T use today(My Elbow is Killing me!)

I’ve been bad about not going to the gym lately…okay, in like forEVER!  Sue me.

Anyway, instead of saying “My elbow is killing me” I went to the gym and rode 4 miles and ran for 15 minutes on the elliptical machine.

Sore, but feeling better than yesterday when I didn’t do crap 🙂


(I’m also testing a new tool at work to try to diagnose why it won’t work for our internal portal.)

I will squeeze him and love him and call him…



“Yes buddy?”

“Can I kiss her on the head?”

“Yeah man, as much as you want”

I have to say, that he has grown into a young man of unbelievable thought, feeling, and caring.  Aidan turned 13 on Sunday, and I have to say, rather than feeling weirded out because he’s getting so big, I’m proud and happy of the young man he is becoming.

He’s good, and he’s funny, and he’s one of my best friends.  I found I was missing him more and more because I work so late so I read to him one night when he was having trouble falling asleep.  It’s two years later and I still read to both of them every night.

He makes me want to be a better Father, a better friend, and a better Dungeon Master.  Introducing him to something I enjoyed at his age was wonderful, but we just had the third D&D birthday sleepover in a row, so I must be doing something right.

His capacity for love and care is right up there with the amazement I feel when he does something I never thought he’d be capable of.  I think it’s become his mission in life to surprise and delight me, and he’s done an amazing job of it so far.

Aidan Alexander Cushing, you were the universe’s gift to Mommy and I, and I love you more than I can every express in words.

Domo Arigato for being you dude, you’re the best.


That lady of mine

is celebrating her birthday.

No Honey, I won’t say how many years.  I’m just going to say Happy Birthday, thank you, and wish you well for another year of growth, change, and putting up with my sorry butt.

She’s lovely, wonderful, annoying, crabby, caffeinated, troubled, joyous, mischievous, and more and more fun to be around as each day passes.  I fell in love with a woman 17 years ago and she still continues to amaze me every day.  Is she perfect?  Who is?  Is she the best/worst person in the world?  She’s all of everything, but most of all, she’s my lady and I love her and all of her little bits.

Happy 29th honey 😉  I love you more today than I did yesterday and will more, tomorrow.  You are my sun, my earth, my moon and stars, and I will love you always.


Did it again

I haven’t blogged in a while now and it’s been bugging me.  Maybe I don’t need as much therapy as I did before?  Maybe the need to share with the world has waned?

Nah, I’m busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest lately 🙂  Aidan and Fae’s birthdays are coming up, work is crazy busy, I’ve been doing a lot of searching in Genealogy sites, and just generally taking it easier on myself – sitting and reading books for hours with Fae and the kids, working out a little more, that kind of thing.

Biggest Loser update – been floating up and down a bit, but still down around 6lbs.  Going to do a lot of things differently to see if I can break 220.

Kendo – missed the last two weeks, but looking forward to Tuesday.  Hopefully my elbow won’t give me any issues.  It’s been sending small signals that it might be time for another shot, we’ll see.

Life – my son is turning 13 on sunday and I’m quietly freaking out.  I’m also madly putting together a D&D adventure for his party on Saturday.  Should be interesting – 8 or 9 boys, all hopped up on sugar and candy running around my place killing monsters and bad guys.  Hoping they’ll keep it sane enough to actually do something this year.  Was almost a complete bust last year.

Anyway, won’t promise to write more, but will certainly try to be better if only for a journal of my 41st year of life:)