Surgery thoughts

(yes, I’m still typing one handed)

How many of you have had surgery where you are put under? Anyone have thoughts/fantasies that you would wake up? That you’d suffer some weird aneurysm and just die and leave everyone to keep living?

Yeah, I know, irrational. Until my Dr. came in, I was super nervous. He showed up and it was gone. I mean nothing, no nervousness, nothing. The even cooler thing was when I thought about the anesthesiologist, I thought it’d be cool to have the guy who put me under for my colonoscopy, and two seconds later, he walks up.

Talk about feeling like I was in good hands:)

The prep room was the weirdest for me b/c I’m usually the one to be making Fae feel better or more secure and here I was, the one who needed reassuring. She was good, cracking me up when I needed it, and just holding my hand when I needed that.

All in all it was fine, and everything worked out. The doc even called me before dinner to check on me:)

In a bit of pain now, so gonna watch a movie for a while.

day 2 – oww

woke up this morning after 8 solid hours of sleep to serious discomfort in my arm. couldnt wait toeat so I could take a percocet. tho in truth, they dont do a whole lot.

feeling okay at this point since I took it a while ago, going to watch band of brothers today, the whole thing:)

I have been under for two things but don’t think Ive ever had  a breathing tube.  My throat HURTS!

btw – this is all one handed, so excuse the no caps and crappy punctuation.  thank goodness for spellck:)

Hoping for the best

On May 31st, 2007, an inconsiderate prick hit my car with a delivery truck causing me to flip three times.  Not spin, flip.  Since then, I’ve been feeling vulnerable, old, achy, and in slowly increasing amounts – in pain.  My elbow is killing me right now, maybe in response to what’s up for tomorrow, or because it’s been about 3 months since my last cortisone shot.  Whatever the reason, I’m hurting, I’m scared, and I just want it to all go away.

I’m tired of favoring it, or not doing certain things knowing they’re going to hurt.  I”m tired of feeling vulnerable and not vital.  Feeling feeble and not powerful.  Have I used it all as an excuse at times to not work out – you fuggin betcha.  I’m good at using excuses.  Am I going to turn my life around tomorrow and make that the first day in the rest of my life?  No, probably not.

I’ll tell you what is going to happen.  It’s going to hurt when I’m done.  I’m going to come out of the operating room and I’m going to be pinioned by a restrictive sling, I’m going to take pain killers, and I”m going to hurt.  People keep saying that the first day will be uncomfortable and it’ll get progressively better, but I don’t believe it.  Not emotionally.  Logically, I know everything will be fine, that I’m doing the right thing, and that things will all work out.  Emotionally, I’m a 8 yr old, wanting to grab my Curious George and run into my closet and lock the door.  Having a flashlight of course.  I don’t want it to hurt.  Why do I have to go through this?  The accident wasn’t my fault.  I always try to see the positive things in situations.  What’s positive about this?  AND to top it all off, I have to wait till NOON to even show up at the hospital, and I have to stop eating at midnight.


Okay, the 8 yr old went to bed because he was a crank pot.  Whew.  Sometimes when things are bugging me and I don’t know what it is, writing helps.  Well shit, that sucks.  I”m going to have to write one handed.  Ugh, the 8 yr old just woke up and wants a glass of milk.

I’m going to go watch a movie and eat a bowl of cheerios and hold my wife’s hand. 🙂

ps – if you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m having surgery on my elbow to repair some torn stuff around the bone.  I”m not psyched, obviously.

What’s up?

Lets see….

Went to New Orleans for a geek conference for a week, with just my wife…and of course I was sick for most of it.  Nice 🙂

Went to Great Wolf Lodge with Fae and the kids, Gillian’s troop has a trip at the end of the year and this was it.  Aidan and I had to carry the bags and stuff like that…yeah, totally 🙂  It was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed it too 😉

We were on our way back when Aidan’s phone rang, it was his girlfriend (yes, he’s 13 and they’ve been dating a year), inviting us to game night at her house the next day.  Sounded like fun.  So we went over last night and not only was it  a lot of fun, but they went out and got everything gluten free so Gillian could snack on everything.  How cool is that?  It’s amazing how thoughtful people can bed.

To top it all off, I’m having surgery on Tuesday.  Yay!  Not.  I was in an accident in 2007 and because of it, there was some damage to my shoulder and elbow.  They’re going in and removing the damaged tissue.  Hoping to be in a sling for a week or so and from what the doc says, back to fairly normal in around 6 weeks.  Not being able to do any kind of contact exercise has been driving me nuts, so being able to get back to it will hopefully allow me to feel better physically and emotionally 🙂

Wish me luck.

O-Dark thirty and I Can’t sleep

Man this sucks.  It’s 4am and I can’t sleep.  Can’t take a tylenol PM, I have to wake up in 2 hours.  Tried going back to sleep but can’t get back and I don’t want to keep Fae up with me rolling around either.

What do y’all do when you can’t sleep?

A star filled week in New Orleans

I’m not one to plotz when I see someone famous, and it’s a good thing because I saw two of them this week 🙂

I was going thru security at Newark airport on sunday and I saw Patricia Clarkson standing in the other line.  One of my favorite roles is when she was in the Station Agent.  The other star spotting was Anderson Cooper from CNN, walking down Royal St in New Orleans, right in front of my hotel 🙂  That is one SKINNY dude!

Okay, for those of  you that came for the title, yer done, you don’t have to keep reading.

<geek alert>

We touched down on Sunday after a tearful goodbye with the kids and a bumpy ass flight.  Yowza, no fun.  Getting the car and our stuff proved fairly painless and we got to our hotel mid-afternoon on Sunday.  Wanted to get some of the local flavor and we were both hungry, so we stopped at Cafe Beignet on Royal St.  There are three in the French Quarter with the same name, but this was a small little coffee and pastry shop.

Have you ever had a beignet?  Dude.  If you only go to Nawlins for one reason, let it be the beignets – fried dough with powdered sugar, yum yum  yum.  Ever get fried dough at a carnival?  Same idea, but MUCH better.  Stayed put for a while drinking cafe au lait and talking about what to do and how much we missed the kids.

To go on record, cafe au laits suck, dude.  I guess I’m used to bold coffee or something, but this stuff was weak.

We went to a mexican place that was highly rated called El Gato Negro.  Was down past anywhere I wanted to be after dark, but decent food.  Nothing that floored me, tho I had pork and andouille sausage fajitas which were good.  As we sat there, I saw a bag of water hanging over the front door, looked like it had practical joke written all over it.  Turns out it’s a Mayan thing that is supposed to keep the flies away.

Monday I had the conference and learned quite a bit that I won’t bore you with since I know you’re only interested in what Fae was doing 🙂  While I was listening to geeky stuff, she was walking around the city and coming close to passing out!  YAY….oh wait, that sucks.  Boooo!  Heat index was up around 105 or so.  She stopped at a place called the Palace Cafe and they were wonderful about letting her sit in the AC and got her water.  She didn’t realize it at the time, but the guy making sure she was okay was the owner of that place and two others, Dicky Brennan.  We ended up going back there for dinner where I had my first taste of crawfish in about 10 years.  Still tastes awesome.

Tuesday, Fae decided to go out of town and see some of the plantations she had read about, Oak Alley and Laura.  I didn’t know that Oak Alley was where the filmed Interview with a Vampire, cool 🙂  Very interesting thing to note that although they are on the same road, Oak Alley is painted white with it’s columns and huge lawns and rows of trees, while Laura is smaller, lot more buildings, and the main house is yellow.  Back then, as I understand from Fae, painting it whit e and using column architecture denotes white owners, while the yellow buildings denote Creole.

Here’s your lesson for the day: according to multiple people we talked to Creole isn’t racial, it’s about where you were born.  “Louisiana Creole refers to people of various racial backgrounds who are descended from the colonial French, Spanish, and German settlers, Africans, and Native Americans from the time before the Louisiana territory became a possession of the United States through theLouisiana Purchase” from Wikipedia.  They wanted to denote that they were born in Louisiana and not somewhere else.  Very cool.

We decided to walk down Bourbon street that night.  Flashy, lots of drunk people, and strip clubs.  We don’t drink so all the bars didn’t really do anything for us.  Stopped to eat at a place that I Can’t remember the name of and I got my first bowl of Crawfish Etouffee.  It tasted really good at the time, but I was on a mission to find the best bowl of it.  Found it the next night.

Wednesday while I was at the conference, Fae was just walking around, looking at artwork – lots of galleries down there, and generally getting to know the French Quarter.  We ended up going for a walk that night up Magazine street – by the way, people were going on and on about all the shops on Magazine street – didn’t see it.  Went to a place called Mother’s.  You walk in and they hand you a menu, you walk along the counter and then order, and go find a seat.  They come to your table and bring your food.  Not dive-y, but not a 5 star restaurant.  Nice homey place.

They win.  Hands down.  Had Crawfish Etouffee and THAT’s what it’s supposed to taste like.  Talked with some of the staff, Felicia and Tyrone, and they made us feel welcome, told us stories, great great place.  If you go to NO, you have to get to this place.

Thursday Fae took a cooking class at the culinary school in the French Quarter, made Shrimp Creole and corn and crawfish soup.  Had a good time.  I could already taste another bowl at Mother’s, so we went back for dinner.  This time we didn’t eat so much we couldn’t walk.  Saw our friends again and again, had a great time just sitting and eating and talking.

Friday we drove around in the Garden District and saw a lot of really huge old houses, including Anne Rice’s old house.  Stopped by St. Louis Cemetery #1 to see Marie Laveau and then went to the airport.  Got home to some really glad kids and even gladder cats 🙂  My Mom stayed at our house for the week and it was a lot easier than the last time we went away 🙂

Tips for the French Quarter – don’t walk around alone after dark, go with a group or as a couple.  Be careful of talking to everyone you see, don’t be rude, just be wary.  Walking down Bourbon Street at least once is a must.  Never go down there in June, holy crap.  And go to Mother’s on Poydras.