504 plan to get your child a gluten free lunch

My wife is part of a Celiac parent group and a few people expressed interest in how we ended up getting Gillian a hot school lunch that was gluten free. Believe me, it wasn’t easy.

Our daughter Gillian is the first in our school system to be diagnosed with Celiac Disease (detailed description of Celiac below), and we had quite the time getting her legal protection via a 504.

So I’ll share the 504 with you, below. If you live in the US, you’re legally entitled to everything on it for your school-aged child with Celiac. The cherry on the sundae, though, was getting the school system to train staff (by a registered dietician) and provide hot lunches every day for her (for which we’ll pay the same as every other child in our district, $2.25, but the quality is extremely high). We had trouble getting them to agree to this (we were told that they didn’t see this as a necessity), until we told them that, according to the Food & Drug Administration in Washington, DC, schools have to accommodate under 504 by preparing and serving at least one SAFE meal per day to the student (this goes for kids with 504s with food allergies as well, and there are lots of them in our district). This means safe hot dogs, hamburgers, etc (whatever is formulated in 504 plan) and prepared in separate area of the cafeteria with separate utensils.

The woman who runs the cafeteria couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating, and Gillian had a wonderful experience eating a gluten free version of what the other children were served.

Here’s the actual file we got finalized and put into her permanent file. Just the fact that she can eat a lunch along with everyone else is HUGE since she has a tendency to feel apart from the group.

CLICK HERE TO GET the 504 plan

Free…well, my left arm is at least :)


This is me for 7 whole days, wrapped up so freakin tight that I had to take off my wedding ring.  No fun having swollen sausage fingers.  The outer part was a splint with ace bandages wrapped around the whole mess.

Yeah, that’s me at work this Tues, my first day back.  I was ready to go too.  Talk about cabin fever!

I'M FREE!!!!

Here’s me, I’m finally free:) Yes, I have the ring back on. The incision is kinda nasty actually, but it’s healing and I need to leave it open. I just hope I don’t freak anyone out at work tomorrow:)  You should have seen it when they pulled it all off.  It was really weird man, all the blood rushing back in and all wrinkled from the cloth being wrapped around it for a week.

Dude, I canNOT imagine having a hard cast on for multiple weeks.  No Flippin way dude.

Surgery day 4

Its 4pm and I haven’t taken a Percocet.  I wanted to work a few hours this morning because it was a short day for the weekend.  I’m feeling pretty good right now, but I have a feeling I’ll need one before too long.  All in all, there wasn’t as much sharp pain as I had feared, but it’s definitely uncomfortable.

update 7/6/2010 had a good day, went to friends, saw The Last Airbender (wait for dvd), and spent saturday by the pool at friends house.  nice relaxing day, napped 3 times:)  Body is healing itself.  Had mild panic attack centered around a smothering dream, arm hurt, took percocet at 3am, up until 5:30 or so.  Slept until noon 🙂

Windows Live Writer

I’ve been doing some experimenting lately and one of the things we’re trying to do is to use WLW to update our posts on our intranet blog.  Still having some problems we’re ironing out with the developer, but I wanted to see what it’d look like on my personal blog.

To keep everyone up to date, had a nice 4th, watched the fireworks, had a great picnic at our friends house with delicious food and generally nice weekend.  Until yesterday where we spent hours reupholstering chairs.  No fun.

Especially one handed:)  Splint comes off Thurs, we’ll see where we go from there.

day 3, bored

How many episodes of Band of Brothers can I watch?:)  Having some pain, not bad tho.  Took pill this morning, will see how I feel when I’m due for another.  Would like to forgo the next one, but not going to be a hero.  To tell the truth, it’s helping but not as much as I would have thought.

Working on getting some dictation software to do some of my documenting backlog, but in the mean time I’m resting and reading a lot about datawarehousing,

typing with one hand is annoying, so I’m going to stop.