driving driving driving

I’m posting this from my phone so if you don’t see a speedometer pic its showing 150,000 miles. Yes I bought the car used, 32k miles on it.

In 2007:). In a little under three years I’ve put on almost 120k miles. Wow, I need a pilots license to get to work. Crazy stuff dude. If you figure I drive 86 miles each way to work, 120k in 3 yrs isn’t that crazy.

What’s up?

Watching the Red Sox Rays game and I gotta say, the Sox don’t look great, but in truth, the Rays don’t either! We’re 5.5 out so tonight a win is crucial for us. Yeah, I’m a Sox fan 🙂

Getting a whole bunch in this week work-wise. This is the week to get everything together before the contractors come in, so it’s going to be busy busy. Putting together a lot of spreadsheets and charts and excel sheets. We’ll see what happens.

How am I? I’m busy, I’m tired, and a little sore. Gave platelets today so I’m hoping that’ll help someone out. Really want to try to work out a bit this week, my back is sore and I’m feeling kinda old:)
Anyway, that’s what’s up with me.

Stat from game -45 different players used by the Sox this season, holy crap. Yeah, our season is over.

Matt Cushing: UnPlugged

We went to Lake George in upstate NY for a week and let me tell you how much I needed it.  My parents rented two cabins – mind you they were fairly big, slept 15 people fairly comfortably – and we came in from NJ, my bro in from Long Island, and my sister in from Chicago.

Fan – Freakin – Tastic.

I had been thinking how I have a huge project ramping up soon and how I’ve needed a vacation for a while now.  So needless to say, the timing was perfect.  I went to get Gillian in Rhode Island at her Celiac Camp (i designed the site thank you very much) and from there to Lake George.  Nice 8.5 hour drive…

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Here’s the catch – I couldn’t check in until Saturday at 4 and we had to pick Gillian up at 1 on Friday. Found a little campsite, pitched the tent, crashed for 10 hours or so, and packed up quickly and went to Silver Bay YMCA grounds. Picture the set of Dirty Dancing and you’ll be just about right.

Hilly, picturesque, lots of stuff to do. Ever notice when you’re out and about on a vacation like this, you eat like a fiend? I lost 5 lbs. My aunt rented a boat and we took the kids skiing and tubing.

Yes friends and neighbors, aside from being 41, aside from the last time I had been skiing was in college and before that at 16 at my friends house in NH, I not only got up on two skis, I managed to drop one and slalom for almost a full rotation – we had island markers about 1/2 mile apart 🙂 FUN FUN FUN! Felt like I had no arms left when I was done, but it kicked so much ass.

The long and short of it is, I am so totally relaxed, so totally reconnected with my immediate and extended family, and I’m ready to go back to work and get this thing up and running in 2 months. At one point, there is this labyrinth that they have. It’s a walking maze and you release, receive, and renew as you walk through it. All I asked for was some calming peaceful energy and man did I get it. I stood in the middle of this brick maze, stared across the beautiful lake at the mountains in the distance and found my place to go when I’m stressed and anxious. A few deep breaths and I know I can be right back there.

Anyway, here are some pics – Yeah, that’s me doing the William Tell thing in the black shirt.
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Where in the World is Mattdaddy?

Wow, it’s been a while since I have written much. The gluten free post was mostly just to give my wife somewhere to point a bunch of people interested in getting their child fed properly at school.

So what’s up with me?
Elbow – it’s sore in a different place, so the doctor wants me to go do some physical therapy. All in all it’s feeling better, but I have tightness in other places which causes pain in some cases.
Kids – Fae’s parents bought Aidan a bass guitar and amp. I used to play way back when, so I’m showing him some stuff I Remember, but he’s following a beginning book pretty well. Nice thing about 3 years of Baritone, he knows how to read music, and in bass clef 🙂 Gillian is leaving for camp today for the week. It’s a completely gluten free camp called CampCeliac.  She’s very excited to be going back for her 3rd year, and she gets to move to the cabins by the lake instead of in the woods.  I’m SO excited to be driving her to Rhode Island today.  It’s only 4.5 hours.  ONE WAY!!!  YAYAYAYAYAYYYYYY! 🙂  The things we do for our kids, right?  I’ll be coming back through White Plains, where I work, so I may stay with the guy who works for me.  Probably because 9 hours of driving doesn’t sound like fun, so if I can shave 1.5 hours off of it, and get to watch the Red Sox Yankee game?  I”m all for it.

Vacation – what is that anyway?  I’ll head back up on Friday with Aidan to pick Gillian up, then drive to Lake George and stay at a campsite on Friday night.  Saturday we’ll head to the cabins at Silver Bay, a YMCA run place on Lake George where my parents are renting some cabins for the whole extended family.  It looks like an amazing place with lots of activities (I’m doing yoga m-w-f and tai chi t-th) to keep everyone busy.  Fae’s going to be working with her Dad over the weekend on the new clothing line and going out on appointments mon and tue, and take the train to Albany on Wed where I’ll pick her up and bring her to Lake George for the rest of the week.  I haven’t been waterskiing since I was in college so it’ll be interesting to see if I remember enough to teach all the cousins.

Anyway, I hope this finds you and yours well.  If it weren’t for the vacation, I Think I would probably need a padded cell 🙂  Work is great, I”m just burnt.  Need to plan more shorter vacations instead of waiting so long in between.  Oh yeah…

Baseball – The Red Sox have been deemed to be the unluckiest team this year with respect to injuries.  Kevin Youklis is out for the rest of the season and they signed Carlos Delgado to platoon at first with Mike Lowell.  Yeah, it’s bad. 🙂