Snot, Baseball and the general lay of the land

Yeah, I know, gross.  Aidan was home on Mon and Tue with a sinus infection and as much as I would love to blame it on him, I think it’s just my seasonal allergies.  “Take zyrtec regularly” is running thru my head – thanks honey, I know I should, but I’m just a dumbass.  Head is nice and full and I can’t breathe and Musinex isn’t doing jack shit to clear it out of my nose so I can breathe.  Miserable?  Me?  Nah 😉

The Sox have a limited number of games and while they aren’t statistically out of the pennant race, they have been for a long time.  The Theo plan of defense and pitching didn’t work all that well now did it, tho I do have to give him that there was no way he could predict that there’d be 45 regular players during the year.  That’s an unbelievable statistic when you look at it from the perspective that there are only 2 fulltime starters that haven’t been on that list.  Nice.  Ugh, football anyone?

Works busy as hell which is great and terrifying at the same time.  We’re moving forward nicely, lots of documentation so far, hoping to crack open the vault and put some code together soon to show everyone the coolness we have planned.

Okay, I was going to try to make this lengthy, but I am falling asleep again.  Going back to bed until Gillian has to wake up.

This time of year

I love this time of the year, the afternoons are warm but not hot and the evenings are starting to get cold.  You need the windows open during the day, and might think about throwing on a jacket when you go for a walk at night or close the windows halfway before going to sleep.

The leaves are starting to change color and mushrooms are growing in rings on the lawn.  Mother Nature is starting to get ready to go to sleep and things are sort of dying, why am I so content with this time of year?  Is it the colors, is it the new beginning for the kids in school?  Is it just the fact that I really hate being hot and I have finally gotten some relief?

Probably a little of all three.  You’d think I’d be super depressed because baseball season is coming to a close, and I’m actually glad this year, the Sox are SUCKIN!

Don’t know, and maybe I don’t need to know.  I just know this time of year makes me happy, and I like going outside and doing things outside about now.  Need to find a corn maze this weekend and maybe get a pumpkin – too early?

Why do you like/dislike this time of year and when is your favorite time of year?

So I’m an ENFJ, now what?

We’re doing some team building stuff at work, and I really enjoy this stuff.  No, we didn’t all stand there and let ourselves be caught by other team members or do rope climbing. It was more of a discussion of some goals and processes we’re going to be using going forward, with some really good ‘Essence of Team’ concepts introduced.  Our team is mostly in one office, but there are other members that are regional, so chance had almost all of us in the office last week and it was REALLY cool to have everyone in the same room.

After the meeting we were given some surveys to fill out, mostly to see where possible change points might exist as well as a personality test.  I took the test and came up ENFJ.  Gotta say, the description of the individual attributes surprised me, but in the same way, it made a lot of sense.  Never thought of myself like King David, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama 🙂  Kinda neat.

We were given a book by Patrick Lencioni, called “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” to read, and at first I was skeptical, thinking it was another team functional manual.  I knew that it could help us function better as a team so I cracked it open last night to read the first few pages. 200 pages is nothing, and before I realized, it was midnight and I was almost 3/4 the way through it. Crashed and finished it up this morning.  We got it Wednesday 🙂

It’s a fictional account of how a new CEO is hired and walks her executive team through some exercises in trust, communication, and other essential factors to being a team.

It made me look at a lot of my behaviors and be able to pinpoint what I’m doing correctly, and what needs work.  It made me think that the Japanese really have the concept of team correct.  In Japanese, it’s ???or Chi-Mu.  See, there IS an I in team 🙂  Seriously, the axiom of ‘No I in Team’ is wrong in my view because the biggest difference to me is that the individual has to make that decision to put the team first, to put the goals and results of the team as a whole over the individuals goals or advancement.  There’s also an I in Samurai, which means ‘to serve’.  The samurai thought the greatest honor was sacrificing themselves for their lord or their country.  No, I’m not suggesting you use a letter opener to commit seppuku, but that essence of service, of giving over the ‘individualness’ to the group thought begins with the ‘I’, it begins with the individual making that choice to throw themselves into a more group consciousness so that they can push forward and gain the results they ALL want as a team.

And it all begins with Trust.

Give the book a read, it’s not just applicable for business relationships.  There are several things in here that will allow me to be a better husband, father, and friend.

Give a little…

I went and donated blood at the library a month or so ago and got a 15$ gift card, yeah I know I was bribed 🙂 When I was there, the woman mentioned apheresis, or platelet donation in the next town over. It only takes about 2 hours, but it’s more effective in how it helps people.

Sure, why not. I made an appointment for the end of August and went in. They pull blood out, spin it to remove the platelets, and then put it back with some extra stuff afterwards. They do that every 5 min or so and after about 2 hours, I had given the requisite amount of fluid. They then look at the concentration and etc etc .

I felt pretty good about giving it because it helps cancer, burn, and hemophiliac patients. I got a letter from the woman who runs the center to thank me and express gratitude for my donation. Usually the amount pulled is good for one donation. I gave what they refer to as a ‘Triple’, or enough platelets to help three patients instead of one. That felt pretty cool. And the 10$ Starbucks gift card they sent me didn’t hurt either – wasn’t expected which made it nice 🙂

Do your neighbor a favor if you can. Go give blood. If you can do Apheresis, do that instead because it’s instant and in more demand.

A new friend

We live in a townhouse complex and have been there for about 10 years. Initially we said, “Oh only 5 years, 6 at the most”. Well, several refinances later, a plummet in the housing market right when I got my job 86 miles away, and the reality of knowing that if we had gotten into a place, we’d be living at my inlaws after declaring bankruptcy. 🙂 Everything works out in the end, right?

So we’ve been okay with the idea that we’ll be in our current place – 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bath, great location, excellent schools – at least until Gillian graduates from high school. Aidan’s starting 8th grade this year, has a lot of friends in the neighborhood and it finding his groove. The last thing I want to do is disrupt that.

Gillian’s problem is, there are only two girls in the complex (there’s about 200+ townhouses) that she’s of an age with and is friendly with. So I was working from home yesterday and she came down to where I was working around 11 yesterday morning. Gloom infused her voice as she said, “Dad, I’m destined to be bored today”. My son had gone out already to do some filming with his friends (they’re making a movie). “NO one’s HOME! I called every single friend and some people I don’t even know that well and NO ONE’S AROUND!”

Queue dramatic faint onto the couch, arm drawn over her face.

“Go out for a bike ride and see if anyone’s around.”
“Dad, G isn’t home, and I don’t want to play with X or Y. *sigh* I’m just gonna go watch a movie”

Well, Aidan came home a few hours later and rescued her with some boardgames and some stuff on the computer until Fae got back from work and we sat and had something to eat. I promised her I would take her over to the pool in our complex at 5:15 when I was done working for the day. So we got our towels and pool stuff and went over to the pool, pausing several times to promise that “Yes, I will go in this time”, and “No, I won’t sit on my phone or read a book – Look, I didn’t even bring one, See?!?”

So what happened? We got to the pool, put down our stuff, and jump in, and 5 seconds later this girl swims up and says “Hi, I’m N, I just moved here a month ago and I don’t know anyone. Are you going to X School next week and are you in 5th grade?”

I had been bugging her to go ride around because something told me that there was someone out there for Gillian. They started talking, and I was good, I stayed in the pool, but after about 15 minutes, I was pretty much ignored 🙂 Happily on my part because I was just psyched that she had someone to hang out with. She got out after a little while and they went and talked and played on the little playground attached to the pool and were genuinely having a great time. Can’t be happier.

Cool thing we found out as we exchanged numbers so Fae and N’s mom could schedule something since I’ve learned not to because I always mess that up – she lives right in the building across the street.

Fate/God/Gods/Mr. Tree/Universe – Thank you.