I love baseball

Yeah I know – “Your season’s over!” since I’m a Red Sox fan, most of what would be important to me would be the signing of Saltamacchia or whether Big Papi’s option has been exercised.

To tell the truth, I’m a baseball fan more than I am a Sox fan I think. ¬†Given a choice, I’ll always pick the Sox over any other team, and if the Sox aren’t playing, I’ll always pick the team playing the Yankees ūüėČ but for the most part, I’ll watch any baseball game from pee-wee league all the way up to MLB. ¬†I just love the sport. ¬†Not sure why I didn’t continue in middle school, probably because I didn’t make it because Pete & Alan were the catchers – just like they were the goalies for soccer. ¬†Seems those two were always blocking me somehow ūüôā

I didn’t make that team in 7th or 8th grade because I was complaining too much actually. ¬†I remember Mike coming up to me when I wondered why I didn’t make it and he said vehemently “Because all ¬†you did was whine and complain” and looking back on it, he was right. ¬†I was talking to talk because I was uncomfortable and nervous with the silence and the fact I was being judged by the coaches, trying to make myself come off as cool and competent. ¬†I realized a long time ago that he was right and I was an idiot.

It’s not like I thought I would have made the majors or even played in college, but I do wish that I had continued playing because I do love the game. ¬†Wow, that was a nice little revelation I haven’t thought of in a while, I’ll let that simmer for a little bit ūüėČ

So just watching this postseason has shown me several things. ¬†Yeah, I still don’t like the Yankees, even tho I grew up on Lawn Guhyland (Long Island) NY, that I don’t know squat about postseason play, and that I am truly shocked at the outcome so far.

  • Can’t believe Tampa is out of it. ¬†That’s shocking as hell because I thought they’d take it all the way.
  • Equally can’t believe that Texas beat them!
  • Not shocked by the Twins/Yankees series, knew that one.
  • Equally not shocked that Atlanta lost. ¬†Sorry to see Bobby Cox go, amazing coach, and great man.
  • Equally not shocked that¬†Cincinnati¬†lost, watched the no hitter – not surprised there either
  • Can’t believe Giants won last night.
  • KNEW that the Yankees would come from behind, in game 1. ¬†Thought they’d do it again in game 2.
  • Giggled a little watching CC & Hughes struggle, I’ll admit it.
  • I’m not in the playoffs, so stop getting pissy, ¬†you’re cooler, okay?

Baseball is all about teamwork, and that’s what the Yankees excel at, pulling together as a team and exploiting mistakes and weaknesses in the other team. ¬†They do spend more money on payroll, but they have that thing that most teams don’t.

Good luck to all teams, yes even the Yankees!

So where have YOU been?

I think I am in the minority in that growing up I didn’t move at all, lived in the same house until I left for college….and came back…and left again. ¬†I was thinking about this after I dropped off Gillian at school for her before school lesson – big sax, little girl – you do the math.

  1. 236 Princeton Road Rockville Center NY until leaving for college in Aug 1987
  2. Bushnell Hall, Mary Washington College, Fredricksburg VA (Aug 87-May 88)
  3. 236 Princeton Road Rockville Center NY (May 88 – Dec 88) (failed out, had to go home, went to community college and got them to let me back in)
  4. Apt in downtown Fredricksburg VA (Jan 89-May 89) (failed out again)
  5. 236 Princeton Road Rockville Center NY (May 89 – Aug 91)
  6. Howard Johnson’s Hotel, Harrisonburg VA (Aug 91 – May 92)
  7. Hunter’s Ridge Apt Complex, Harrisonburg VA (May 92 – May 93)
  8. Taft St, Houston Texas (Jun 93 – Aug 93)
  9. Squire Hill Apt Complex, Harrisonburg VA (Aug 93 – Dec 93)
  10. Taft St, Houston Texas (Jan 94 – Jan 95)
  11. 12400 Overbrook Ln Houston Texas (Jan 95 – Jun 99)
  12. Sunset Ridge, Bridgewater NJ (Jun 99 – Nov 4 99)
  13. French Drive Bridgewater NJ (Nov 4 99 – present)

All in all, not all that many places. ¬†Most of the moving around was in college, and yes, I lived in a HoJos. ¬†James Madison University accepted 2500 students for the class that year and 2496 people accepted the acceptance. ¬†Doubles became triples, Trips were Quads, and 67 of us ended up as the overflow out at HoJo’s across the highway.

Maid service, AC, a pool?  Um, yes please:)

How many places have you lived?  Feel free to link to me and post your own results on your blog:)

It’s that time again


Gillian is selling girl scout cookies again, and we’re already out pounding the pavement. ¬†She was out for a few hours today and ¬†has already sold 50 boxes. ¬†I’m going to bring in the sheet to work and see what I can do to help. ¬†Lordy help us if she wants to go for 400 again. ¬†Ugh.

This weekend was mostly relaxed, so much so that I can’t even remember much of it. ¬†Had to wake up early to get Gillian over for her soccer team picture at 7:50 AM. ¬†On a SATURDAY? ¬†COME ON DUDE! ¬†That sucked, tho I did pull her trundle bed out and slept in there with her so we wouldn’t wake anyone else up. ¬†Actually, she’s intrigued with reading ‘scary’ books now and it keeps her up at night. ¬†Don’t worry, I checked it out, nothing out of the ordinary for her age, actually cute stuff, but I can see how she might get a little spooked. ¬†Aidan and I watched the original Tron, and I have to say, it wasn’t as cheesy as I thought it’d be. ¬†For it’s time, it was pretty awesome. ¬†Have to see about watching the new one, heard it was fairly decent.

Today was mostly just hanging around, cleaning stuff, watching some TV, driving this kid here, picking up this kid there, walking around the neighborhood with Gillian, etc.

I’m going to be working on a new website for a guy I went to college with, something for his lawfirm. ¬†Should be interesting stuff. ¬†I did work on his wife’s website a while back, she’s a photographer.

change of plans

Fae and I decided to have a date night and the kids are old enough to leave alone at this point so we took ourselves out to dinner, but couldn’t decide where to go.

We drove around trying to narrow it down, getting a menu at one place and finally deciding on a diner in town that serves grits.

Sitting at the table, going thru the menu, I settle on country fried steak and eggs and Fae decides on biscuits and gravy. “I wonder if they have apple butter?” she says… And it hits us both at the same time.

Cracker Barrel. OMG. We love it, but can’t go with gillian because the place is one big gluten bomb.

We had ordered coffees already do I throw down a few bucks and we hightail it out to the Cracker Barrel.

Got my country fried steak and eggs and grits and hash casserrole and MAN was it good.

A night out with the wifey, good food, and good talk.