Let it snow?

Just had 13.5 inches come down yesterday in Central Jersey.  It was really pretty, but over a foot?  Come on!

Just read that it’s going to snow again today.  Seriously?  COME ON!  HOW MANY TIMES IS IT GOING TO SNOW LIKE THIS MAN?!?!?

You know what?  I have to say, that at 42, I am still dazzled by snow.  I still love watching it come down, settle on the hill behind my place, blanketing everything in a frothy sea of white.  I worked from home yesterday and again today and I think that’s making the difference in my perception, allowing me to distance myself from it being a nuisance because I don’t have to drive in it :).

Gillian and I went out on Wednesday night when it was already starting to drop a bit on the ground, they had an early dismissal.  Just sledding down the hill, making a bump for her to jump over on her sled, rolling down the hill and almost puking myself – it was just fun.  Made some snowballs and attempted to make a snowman too, again, just fun.

Even if you’re sick of it, look at it like a kid, and even better if you have one, go out and play in it like one.  I’m lucky in that I have two kids who still love playing in it so I can still be 10 yrs old and flopping on my belly on the sled or on my butt in the disk.  Tho, the kids won’t let me hit the bump – I always demolish it and never get any air 😉

What to do?

2010 was a frustrating year.  Nothing really moved forward with my accident case, I didn’t do any working out because of my elbow, the surgery helped, but not a lot, feeling heavy, depressed, and generally blue.

So what can I do about 2011?  First and foremost, I’m going to do more physically.  I still can’t swing a sword or do breakfalls or rolls, but I can meditate, I can stretch, I can sit up straight, and I can move around more.  For me, the physical really effects (or is it affects) the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual.

Not doing much physically has really carried through on so many other levels.  One of the biggest obstacles I need to overcome is what I put in my mouth on a daily basis.  Lets face it, Sausage Egg and cheese bagels every morning may taste good, as well as regular soda during the day, but they’re not going to do anything good.  Except taste good, lets not ignore that part. 🙂  Be real.  They do taste good, they’re just not good for me.  I’m also not good at doing it every once in a while, I’ll rationalize my way back into daily, trust me.

I think it all boils down, on so many different levels, to what you can influence and affect/change.  If it’s something you can do something about, then concern yourself with it and do something about it.  If it’s not, then don’t.  Too much of 2010 was about speculating about well if this happens, then I’ll worry about why, or if this person does this, I’ll get upset about that.

I can only be concerned with what I can do or should do about something and not the why’s and how’s of others.  Be concerned with what I can do in any given situation will remove a lot of the why’s that have been getting me down.  Concern myself with why do I feel crappy, why do I not do something in this situation, how can I affect this situation in a positive way, and how I fit into it all instead of asking why this happened or why that didn’t happen.

  • Make the decision and commitment to meditate on a regular basis.
  • Make the conscious effort to eat a healthy breakfast so the temptation to stop for that cheesy goodness in the morning on the way to work isn’t there.
  • Don’t think about going down to the gym downstairs to ride the bike for 20 min, just fuggin do it.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Find ways to positively affect the situation and people around me for not only personal benefit but of others besides me.
  • Breathe, a lot.
  • And drink water instead of soda 🙂

And if this helps anyone else get their heads in the right place, let me know.


So.  I’m the answer to the universe, and everything now.  It’s a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference.  If you haven’t read them, you need to.

Feeling pretty good about things in general.  Some stuff I need to work on – patience, working out, weight – but on the whole I’m feeling a lot better about 42 than 41.  Didn’t enjoy 41.  2010 was a bit of a disappointment in a lot of ways, but at the same time there were some really good moments too.

Got another consultant at work to help us finish up this major project, so I’m really happy with that, and even more so because he knows his stuff, so we’ve already solved a few issues we had previously.

I don’t go on enough about how much my kids mean to me.  My son hugged me first thing this morning wishing me a happy birthday and this was from my daughter:

this was taped to the inside door of my house so I didn't see it until I left this morning

Someone gives a crap

I just read this http://news.yahoo.com/s/time/20110116/us_time/httpnewsfeedtimecom20110113pilotwhocaresthemostheartwarmingairlinestoryof2011xidrssfullnationyahoo

and I have to be thankful that there are good people out there.  I’m sure, as the article says, many people who were rolling their eyes, but I have to give a shout to the pilot who did that because it was the right thing to do.

My faith in humanity is less bruised just reading about this.

A Farewell to Can’t

After having kind of a crappy 2010, I posted the other day about moving forward and looking ahead.  A friend of mine shared this with me and I wanted to share it with other people.

A Farewell to CAN’T
This goodbye does not make me sad. I will not miss you. I have discovered what it feels like to do the unthinkable. The hard. The long. The challenging. You have no business here anymore. From now on, difficult will seem doable. I will see the impossible as simply not-yet-conquered.
Farewell, Can’t. You will haunt me never again.
Hello, Can. Welcome to my world.

*Gluten Free* – A Taste of Asia, Chatham NJ


I have to say man, keep gluten free popular, this is so cool.  When Gillian was diagnosed in 2007, it was almost impossible to find someone who knew anything about Celiac disease or even what gluten was.

Now?  There’s an app for that 😉  Fae has a gluten free finder on her Droid and we found this place, it’s about 25 min away.  My inlaws took us out to dinner and Gillian marveled at a full page of gluten free stuff.

[Gillian] – I loved the food.  Mommy loved the curtains 🙂  And the icewater down her back when Aidan spilled a whole glass on her.  She had soup with noodles and chicken, and then had a plate of noodles chicken and veggies.

I have to say, the appetizers we had were unbelievable.  The entrées were good, but the pickled veggies, peanut cold noodles, and honey ribs were unbelievable.  It’s Thai or mostly Thai, I guess it’s Malaysian if I had to tie it down to one.  Nice place, good atmosphere.  Definitely a place to go if you want good Thai, and definitely if you want gluten free because they were very accommodating.

What am I doin? What the hell are you doin?

Me?  I’m studying 🙂

Yeah, it’s Jan 2nd and I’m studying for my certification exam to be a a geek.  Not that I needed a certification to prove something obvious like that 🙂  I’m good at starting things, but not great at finishing them, so rather than just trying to learn more of the technical stuff for the project I’ve been managing, I’ve bought the book for the certification that covers it all.   I’m setting a goal and setting tasks and steps in order to get there.

That’s my resolution – setting goals and milestones for things I want to accomplish.  After I finish installing the files and doing the labs for chapter 1, I’m going to go for a run (yeah, I’ll walk most of it), and do some kicks and punches outside.  I have to start somewhere so I can move forward you know what I mean?  Physically, I’m dyin.  I could stand to lose about 12-15 lbs., would like to get back into some semblance of shape, and just move around more instead of sitting in front of my computer for so long.

That’s what I’m doin – physical stuff.  My elbow surgery in June helped with a lot of the pain, but there’s still some residual stuff, but I can’t sit around much longer waiting for the case to be done before I go crazy.  So 2011 will be the year of moving.  I can’t sit behind my desk and not do something, whether it’s martial arts or running or lifting or something.  I’m captain excuse, so it’s time to retire his ass and tell him to shove off.

By doing the physical, I think my emotional, mental, and health states will improve along with them.  Meditating is difficult because everything pops and cracks when I go to kneel down – well, that might be more that I’m turning 42 in a few weeks, but we’re not going to talk about that LALALALALALALALALA (*fingers in my ears*)

It’s just the motion, the fuck it I’m getting up and out, the impetus to not sit behind the desk when I need a break or can go for a run or a ride or even when the weather is better, hit some golf balls.  It’s the Just Do It thing that Nike was always talking about, but not as cool and much more painful to start 😉

K, gonna do my labs and go for a run.  Wish me luck 🙂