My new digs

(thought I published this last night, guess I was too tired)

I lost my office.  Man, I’m really bummed.  I really liked having an office where I can close the door and now I have to sit in a cube.  It’s so unfair.

Well, it’s really not, it’s actually really cool.  Know why?

I’m working from home 4 days a week now.  YES!!!!

For those who didn’t know, I live in Central Jersey, my office is in White Plains NY.  I got the job through my best friend, and I have to say that besides the commute, the job is ideal and has been from day 1.  Except the commute.  It’s 1.5 hours.  Each way.

Yes.  Each way.

So I was getting up around 6am, getting home around 7:30-7:45 because leaving at 5pm to hit the Tappan Zee Bridge traffic was suicide so I’d stay till 6 or so.  I have an 11 yr old daughter who I would see for about 45 min before she’d go to bed.  My son was better because he’s older and has a later bedtime, but still.  I love my job, but if I ever wanted to do something alone on the weekend, I’d feel instant guilt.

So we’re moving around some people in the office, one guy was promoted and needed an office pretty badly, so I told them that he should take mine and I’ll work from home for most of the week.  At first, yeah, cleaning up my office and giving it up, really sucked.  I was in there over 2 years and I really enjoyed it.  No window, but it was tucked into a corner, it was quiet, and it was mine.

Went in the other day for my first cube day and while it was a little strange, I knew we made the right decision.  The new manager is happy because he can do the things he needs to now, and I’m happiest because I’m sitting in my robe and slippers writing this at 10:30 at night.

Things all happen for a reason I guess.  I definitely am the major benefactor on this one:)  I get to wake up and spend time with the kids, get them on the bus, have lunch with my lady, and get a LOT more work done.  I was hesitant at first thinking I wouldn’t be able to accomplish much, but in truth, I get more done here than I did in the office.  Yeah, my hours are a little longer, but I take an hour here to help with the kids homework, I take an hour there to play games with the kids, I go for a run when I get my daughter on the bus, it’s really great.

Plus, it allows Fae to go to work more with her Dad, putting a bit of cash in our pocket and getting her a nice shot of self esteem in the mix as well.   All in all, I am saving a lot – time, money, wear and tear on my car.

I figured it out, I think I’ve spent about 15-20k just in commute costs working for the last 5 years commuting like this.  Wow man, glad we found a way to make this work.

Matt fell down and went BOOM

(this all happened in 2007, don’t worry.  I’m finding that with the end of the case, I need to get it all out, and thankfully a friend reminded me that everything on the web is admissible, so I will keep this to just what I was thinking at the time and not name names.  Just my attempt to put something to rest)


“What the Fuck?” I wondered, seeing the truck barreling down the on ramp and straight through the right lane of traffic.  In the 3 seconds it took for me to realize that not only was he not going to stop for the people he had just completely cut off, but that he was already partially into the center lane that I was in.  Yeah, once it sunk in, I realized I had about 1 second and about 100 feet to do something.

I was doing about 50 at the time, my reaction was a lot faster than my brain processed it.  By the time he was most of the way into the center lane, I had already flashed a look in my left side mirror and jerked the wheel enough to send me into the left lane.  Thankfully, there was no one there.  The problem was, I was in a Honda Fit and he was in a 26 ft delivery truck.  Why is that a problem?  Well, because I was already in the left lane by that time, and I didn’t have anywhere else to go.


“SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT” I screamed as I felt his left front tire connect with my right passenger door.  The impact was accompanied by a scream of metal twisting and the roar of my tires going in directions they weren’t meant to go.  The car swung around from the impact, sending me spinning 180 degrees, now facing traffic.


I felt the right side of the car shudder as it stopped suddenly and rebounded off of something else

“What the fu….” I wondered in my head before I felt the world drop away and imagined myself free falling, feeling glass shatter and fly everywhere.  Up was down, left was right.  I locked my elbows and held on for dear life.  As I tumbled and crashed, the view through my now spiderwebbed windshield like that of a top, or more like one of those kaleidescope where the shapes change as you turn it, flying every which way.  I got smacked hard in the face by the side curtain airbag as it exploded open, saving my head from serious injury as I held on screaming at the top of my lungs for dear life.  I remember a burning sensation across my chest and neck at one point, praying that I hadn’t been cut by the flying glass, but in truth, I didn’t give that more than a moments notice, I was too busy praying for it to stop.

The crashing and scraping were deafening, only drowned out in my head by the screams I heard from further away.  I didn’t realize it was me because it truly sounded like it was coming from outside the car.  The only other thought besides wanting it to stop was the dread I felt imagining something flying in or breaking off and stabbing me.  A windshield wiper, a twist of metal, the gear shift for chrissakes.

It felt like…it felt like that ride you get on and you realize from the first second you lower the bar to lock you in, that you do NOT want to be on the ride.  Multiply that by 1000 and you still aren’t even close to the horror, terror, desperation, and pure unadulterated fear that I felt in less than a minute.

Yup, I managed to get hit, spin my car 180 degrees, and ROLL my car three times.  All in the span of about one minute.  Let me tell you, from inside the car?  Didn’t feel like a minute.  It felt like an hour.


The car stopped moving.  Arms still locked.  Looking wildly around it took me another minute to realize I had stopped.  Right side up.  Whew.  Wait, why am I all wet.  Oh jesus, is this blood?  Oh, no, it’s coffee.  Dunkin Donuts doesn’t mix well with fear.  Moved all of my extremities, okay, I can still move and I’m still relatively okay.  Open the door.  Nope, can’t open the door.   Oh, maybe I should unlock it.  Go to get up, can’t move.  OH GOD.  Oh, unlock the seatbelt and get out.

I stumbled from the car seeing people running towards me.

“YOU INCONSIDERATE FUCK, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?  THERE’S A STOP SIGN OVER THERE YOU ASSHAT!”  came tumbling out of my mouth.  I started across the street and this very tall man held me back saying, “Are you okay?  You just rolled your car three times!”

“Rolled it?  What?” and then the motions I just went through made sense.

“You should sit down my friend” he said emphatically.  I noticed his accent was African and he was about a foot taller than I was (and I’m 6’2″), and the fact that I had walked out of the car that had just done what it had done hit me and I got light headed and let myself be led to the curb where I did sit down.  To their credit, I think the police showed up about 2 minutes later.

About 250 yards away down the street was my daughters car seat.  Talk about bringing it into perspective.  He got a ticket for unsafe lane change.  I got lucky.  REALLY lucky.