travelling vagabond part 1

I’m going to be travelling quite a bit for the next two weeks. This trip should be pretty cool actually. Its NOT a tech conference, its one more focused on health care. 2 days in Baltimore with my current boss and my old boss.

G & A weren’t psyched about this one but its short, ill be back on Tuesday night. I’m dropping my car off at a rail station near 95 south and they’re picking me up here, where I’m going to get off the train on Tuesday. Shoot down 95 to Baltimore for a few days. Nice thing is, the convention is in the inner harbor.

They’re less psyched about it now because I just got approved for a tech class starting next week in Jacksonville FL. That ones not short, Sun night flight coming back Friday evening. That class is going to really help me to ask the right questions but also give me a better technical base to operate in. Excited as hell about that one.

They’re almost here so I’m going to sign off. Have a great week.

Governed by Fact, not Opinion

I love Jon Stewart, I really do.  Being a native NY’r I almost have to, but seriously, he’s really wonderful.  One of the things I love the most about him are some of his guests are inspiring and thought provoking.  He had one the other night – Bill Moyers, and they talked about the problem with the media.–1

I really like the pinpointing of fact vs opinion (approx 3:15) that they talk about.  One of the things that seems to always get me in trouble when I try to talk politics is my lack of knowledge vs my strength of opinion.  I’m constantly feeling skewed by MSNBC and FOX to both sides of the spectrum.  It really came a lot clearer why it was bugging me, it’s because they’re taking more opinion and less fact to ‘tell the news’.  Seems like a lot of the programs aren’t really designed to tell us what’s going on, more to scare us one way or the other.

Anyway, watch both parts of the interview, Bill Moyers has always been one of my favorite reporters, class act.

Taking a much needed walk

Fae’s remaining grandmother passed away last week and it was the end of a 93 year journey. While not close, it still effected her.

Originally I was going to drive to West Palm with my father in law and Fae would fly with my m-i-l, we decided that it was too much. We dropped the kids off for an overnight with my parents in Long Island, and had a nice day in Frenchtown NJ. Its on the Delaware River near New Hope PA and its one of those really nice little quaint towns you have to get out and walk.

Went in to meet one of her clients and afterwards walk down a nice little downtown street. It was nice just spending time with Fae, being able to step back from being ‘Daaaad’ and ‘Maaaahm’ and be Matt and Fae for a little while.

Went to grab a burger at the River Cafe and was pleasantly surprised to hear Irish music being played live. Being 100% irish and Fae having sung in a celtic band, it was a nice touch. She eventually got the nerve to sing the Foggy Dew(lyrics she needed to read on her droid X). Great food, nice people. If your in Frenchtown, stop in and say hi.

The other place to go is across the street, Maria’s. They have ice cream, but we got just baked muffins. Awesome:)

Do yourselves a favor if you have kids. Remember to take some time as a couple:). At some point the kids leave, and you don’t want to turn around on that day and be looking at a stranger:)


great burger and onion rings, even cooler owner

great burger and onion rings, even cooler owner