Marching Band Dad

I’m a ‘freshman dad’ for my son’s marching band, I help out with the crew. We cart all the equipment on and off the busses, as well as pack up all of the gear they need- podiums, screens, you name it.

I had no idea it was going to be this much work…and this much fun:). I’m at Towson Univ. right now with them, and they were amazing in prelims. We’re hanging out right now waiting to go on for finals. We’re one of ten teams that is competing for 1st. The difference between prelims and finals is this afternoon we compete within the division, tonight is 10 teams competing together. The prelim divisions are according to school size, ours is the largest in 4A.

We have a good shot at winning tonight, wish us luck!!

When the cats away….

The mouse is going back to sleep man, ugh.  Fae and Gillian are going to a family friend’s bat mitzvah in Florida for the weekend.  We got the tickets using skymiles, they’re staying in her grandmothers still vacant apartment, and our friend is loaning them a car.  Nice and cheap 🙂

Aidan has a competition at Giants Stadium this Saturday, and since I’m on the crew, we stayed home.

Her flight was at 6:45 at Newark.  We woke up at like 4am.  Three cups of coffee and an everything bagel with cream cheese and butter aren’t even making a dent in my exhaustion 🙂

It’ll be good though.  Aidan’s got plenty going on, I’m going to do a few projects around the house, gonna hang out with some friends and watch baseball and bad kung fu movies.  All in all it should be a good guy weekend.  And to tell the truth, I’m sort of looking forward to missing them.  I’m usually the one going all over the place, so it’s a change to be the one staying home holding down the fort.

I just wish I could have gone back to sleep 🙂