Doing Something About It – Day3

Good couple of days.  I’ve been studying at least 30 minutes a day, Thanksgiving obviously I didn’t, but I didn’t use that as an excuse to not do anything for several days.

Wednesday – Studied for 30 minutes, started taking notes and realized quickly that it was jumbling things around.

Thursday – did some reading on exam prep, ate dinner with inlaws and friends.

Friday – Studied for an hour and fixed a few things I’ve been wanting to fix for a while but haven’t had time.

Saturday – Didn’t study, but took a nice relaxing day off.

Today – sat at Dunkin Donuts for an hour and made out more flash cards.  Doing my blog entry 🙂  Fae pulled something in her back last night so she’s recovering.  I’m going to put an idea of mine into practice in a little while.  Been reading about some cool MDX stuff (don’t ask) and I think it’ll help with some of the things we’re looking at.

Elbow hurts like fire, but thankfully it’s a full day in the office tomorrow and then surgery for me on Tuesday.

Doing Something About it – Day 2

Today was a good day.

I got several important things figured out at work so I can continue the process of cleaning up some stuff to make it run more efficiently.  I wrote some maintenance reports to help figure out when things are out of whack, and the nice thing is that they will help me, but they will also help some other folx at work, so bonus 🙂

On the Doing Something About It front (DSAI) – I accomplished a few regular tasks, but didn’t get a chance to study.  Had a job break, and some other things come up so I just didn’t have the time to study today.  Also, since the office closed at 3, I got to kick off early, so Fae and I took Gillian to see Breaking Dawn part 1.  It was in a dinner theatre, but considering the prices, I’m glad Gillian couldn’t eat any of it 🙂  The good part about it is that I kept it in my head and will try to crank some of the tasks off tomorrow before we go to dinner with my inlaws.

Today was a bad day.

My arm hurts.  A lot.  I’ve been taking tylenol to hold off the pain, but it comes in waves, and about 2 hours ago it was a tsunami, so I took some painkillers.  Problem is, now I can’t study.  Trust me, I tried.  After reading the same sentence 10 times, I gave up.

Process broke for some unknown reason and I still haven’t been able to tie it down.  Running the process manually until I can figure out what the hell is wrong with it.  Really knocked off my development today, but I did manage to tie up several important loose ends when I needed a break and didn’t want to pull out any more hair.

The main reason for these posts and the concentrated focus on getting things done is from a serious concern I have for myself.  I’m REALLY good at starting things, but sucky at finishing them.  Someone mentioned it again the other day and it really upset me because I know for a fact I’m still doing it.  Here’s the rub tho…

What do I do to break that habit without trying to start up 10 things, which will overwhelm me and make me fail again.  I want to write.  I want to learn how to make mobile applications.  I want to study more about tea ceremonies and historic Japan.  I want to get certified.  I want to be the Uber SQL dude, but where do I start?

I’m going to lie down and watch some violent martial arts movies because the pudding that is my brain right now can only handle so much.

Any suggestions would be great.  Nice thing is, I did promise myself I’d post every day, and here I am.  That’s one thing at least.

Doing something about it – Day 1

Okay, so it’s less than 12 hours since my last post, what have I done so far to get me out of my ‘start good, finish bad’ rut.

  1. I’m writing a blog post
  2. I’ve updated my list of things to do
  3. I checked on several things and moved them from my Tuesday list to my Wednesday list
  4. I’m focusing on important things instead of checking Facebook
Things I thought of to put on my list:
  1. Make a daily schedule of times to do certain things – study, make new schedule, etc.
I don’t know how long this will go on, but I want to try and do a daily thing, and posting here is going to help me track myself.  Not promising myself anything further than I will do it again tomorrow.  I am having surgery on the 29th for my other elbow, so I might not post that day, but I will try to at least post something on the 30th, even if it’s “Hi” from my Blackberry with one hand, my left, so i’m not vouching for the spelling 😉
K, back to work.

Super Starter, Crappy Finisher

I’ve been reminded time and again how great I am at starting things, but how lousy I am at finishing, or even continuing.  I’m good when it’s fresh and new and it’s a challenge, but when it comes to sticking to it, I usually need someone goading me on (egging me on?), or it drops off my radar, I don’t continue/finish, and all is for naught once again.

How do you continue and finish?

Take exercise for instance.  I started going on runs with a friend and stopped when I almost had an asthmatic attack.  I started going on walks, and stopped when Gillian didn’t remind me.  I started doing pushups and situps, and my elbow starts acting up – which is why I’m having surgery on Tuesday (the 29th).  I’m not feeling much right now.

I’m going to try once again, but how do I continue?  I wrote things down and I am going to check them off, but what will make me make another list tomorrow?  When it gets hard, how do I keep myself from retreating and hiding?

“Hard work, and discipline” – I thought I was good at these, but am I?  I get my work done, but I’m not as efficient as I want to be.

It’s late, and I’m on painkillers, so I probably shouldn’t be writing.   Maybe one of the things I’ll do for myself as a list item, is make a schedule and try to stick to that.  Hmm, that sounds like a good idea.

Here’s to Day 1.

I Hope

I hope that today you can recognize someone who helped make your freedom possible, regardless of whether you agree with the political reasons for putting them where they might be defending your right.

I hope that tomorrow, you are still thanking them, not just on Veterans Day.

I hope that you are safe, healthy, and happy, and if not, think of one thing you can do for someone else to make them safer, healthier, or happier.  I guarantee it’ll at least make you happier.

I have hope that at some point, the United States will be united once more, and the bickering about complete bullshit will end.  I know it’s a vain hope, but it’s still a hope.

I hope that someone will step forward and do something right.  I equally hope that others will see this and do something similar.

I SINCERELY HOPE that the above people do the things they do just because they’re right and not for fame, fortune, or glory.

I hope I can get off my ass and get back into shape and not use my elbow surgery as an excuse to sit on my ass and do nothing.

I hope that this makes ONE person think about how they can effect/affect someone or something positively.

I hope no one corrects my grammar because I’ve never known when to use effect and when to use affect.

I hope that for some of you, that you find the peace you have been so desperately looking for.  Sometimes peace is just sitting still and breathing, not constantly looking for that missing something.

I hope that everyone who reads this will do something to make the world a better place.  For some of us, it’s as easy as recycling something.  For others, just smile at someone who passes you in the street.

I hope you help someone for no other reason than because you want to help someone.

I hope that We the People, In Order to Form a more Perfect Union….Form a Union.

Union: a number of persons, states, etc., joined or associated together for some common purpose

I hope that we put down the petty crap and decide that the common purpose for this country is the betterment of this country.

I hope people wake up and realize that the country we’re handing to our children is sort of like that toy that no one plays with anymore that’s gotten beaten up and used for parts for other things.

I hope that I am not the only one who is still proud to be an American.  I’m not proud of everything we stand for, nor am I proud of some of the decisions that have been made.

I hope that more people realize that we’re humans first, and that should count more than color, race, religion, political view, or sexual preference.

I hope that you made it this far, and that I made a difference in your day.

I hope you find peace, even if it’s for a moment.