Day: No Clue/365

One of our cats died, we got a new one, I’ve been sick, <insert other life altering event here>

I need to get back into writing, but I’m about to start a 3 day training class.  Oye.

Day 26/365: Seeking professional help

On November 4th 1999, a week after my daughter was born, we moved into our condo.  “It’ll just be for a few years, then we’ll move into a house”.  Yeah, said with the best intentions.  Due to some bad spending, debt that needed to be paid off, and a housing crash, by the time we were in a position to really move, Aidan was going into 8th grade, and we knew it was going to take time to sell, and with the economy in the shape it was then, we decided we were here until the kids were done with High School at least.

One of the things we did when we moved in was repaint the whole thing, and have since repainted the whole downstairs and upstairs hallway since it’s all the same color about 6-7 years ago.  Our place is about 25 years old at this point, and so while we’ve been living here, some settling has taken place which is pretty normal.

So we’ve been thinking of doing another repaint to get the vibrant yellow back that we had, it’s kinda washed out in two places that get a lot of direct sunlight.  One of the things we’ve noticed has been on the corners, there is a metal strip that is on both sides, and there’s a crack that runs up one side, and some corners are worn down to the metal because of being hit or wear, and there are a LOT of holes in the walls.  One of the things that happened over the last two years is Fae has lost both of her grandmothers and has inherited a lot of pictures, so the pics in the upstairs hallway have been needed to be shuffled and moved, and this actually affords us an opportunity to rethink the whole picture plan.  It’s nice, it’s like a whole family wall up there.

The problem is, I am not that great at the repairs to begin with and after talking to a few friends and family, we decided to bring someone in to do the repairs.  We’ve got some molding that we tried to caulk and it looks like crap, lots of holes (like I mentioned), the corners, and some other stuff that just needs someone who knows drywall.

So I’m sitting here while he’s scraping and repairing things and so totally excited that it’ll get done right instead of me having to do it 3 times because it’s ‘just about there’.  Plus, if it’s messed up, we can call him to come fix it 🙂  YAY 🙂

Nice thing about it is he’s gonna clean up one of my other semi-failures – the bathroom showers.  I’ve recaulked those things like 10 times over the years and they still look like crap and leak.  My wife is so good, she finds someone who can do it all 🙂

I just peeked at some of the stuff he’s already done.  He’s good 🙂  After prime and a coat of paint, you won’t be able to tell diddley.  YAY x2

Day 25/265: Oye, the commute!

So my normal routine is 4 days home, 1 day in the office, usually Wednesday.  This week was no different, it’s just the 6 accidents that slowed everything down.

Bridgewater, NJ to White Plains, NY is about 86 miles.  Takes me roughly 1.5 hours each way.  Yeah, I did that commute 5 days a week for about 4.5 years.  Oye 🙂  Honestly getting into the car, I usually go into autopilot and just listen to my audiobooks.

Today it took about 2 hours, but it wasn’t super bad on the way home thankfully.  I just forget how long it takes sometimes.

I have to admit tho, I do miss being in the office sometimes.  Just being in that atmosphere is invigorating, mostly because I get my best work done when I’m bouncing ideas off my co-workers and just get a better feel for the flow of things.  Today was no different – couple of meetings, a nice long tech-chat session with the guy who works for me, and lots of tying up of loose ends on a few projects that kept getting pre-empted by more priority stuff.

The other thing that happened yesterday that was great today was my understanding level of some of the stuff I work with.  I was really baffled by this one issue (I won’t bore you with what or the details), but I ended up banging my head against a wall for a long time and felt down about my level of understanding.  Turns out it was just a stupid user error on my part and once I figured it out, I felt great.  Not only that I had finally solved my issue, but with the fact that my understanding of how it worked was right, I just had something I left out and it made it not work for me.

I had been posting some stuff on a tech forum that I use from time to time, and after several back and forths with someone on the forum, I mentioned that I felt dorky for making such a basic mistake.  I got two responses that made my day:

No need to feel dorky. There are a lot of good DBAs who don’t go where you are now.
Yeah, forget dorky. If we all knew how to do everything perfectly, it wouldn’t be near as fun to get that feeling of SUCCESS!!!

I can’t be alone in wanting to learn new stuff, and I accept that failure is often the first, and annoyingly persistent, result.

I am thrilled that there are forums like this for when I’m stuck on something that I KNOW has got to be tiny and a stupid mistake on my part.

It just made day to hear something supportive like that.  Anyway, I feel a lot better about reformatting and updating some stuff I’ve wanted to play with for a while now, so I’m excited again 🙂

Day 24/365 – nearly broke a sweat

I had therapy this morning, and I’ve been thinking about my jujitsu Sensei lately, so I decided to see if I could still swing a sword and a staff.  Turns out, I can.  Am I any good?

Nope, I suck.  I forgot most of my forms except the first basic 4, and only remembered some of the short and long staff strikes, and one of the long staff forms.  Am I discouraged?

Surprisingly, no.  It was nice to tie on a belt, put my sword through it and pretend I was still in prime form, but in truth, after a few minutes of being down on myself, I felt “it” again.  I can’t really describe it fully, but I think if I had to, I would say it’s almost a ‘settling’ on my shoulders of some mantle or weight.  No, I’m not thinking I’m channeling some past life, my body feels like it shrugs off everything unnecessary for the moment and allows me to be still, and concentrate on sword, body, and target to the exclusion of everything else.  When I am in good shape, and everything is not painful, I can go away so far that I only hear my Sensei in my head, (or if I’m at his house, in my ears:)), but I feel things finer, in more detail, more separated.  I feel like I can almost separate muscle groups to make changes with each repetition.

Yeah, it felt good, and yeah, it was only 15-20 minutes, but it gave me hope.

Day 22/365: oh well

I was going to go back and post entries for those days I missed, but I’m up to my ears in work to do, and I just don’t have time.  Friday was work work work, and Saturday was nothing nothing AgaBoom!

AgaBoom is a performance we went to see at the local community college.  It’s three REALLY good clowns doing a lot of funny stuff I have to admit.  It was definitely an audience full of kiddies, but I did enjoy it a lot.

So what’s up with me?

I’m in a bad freakin mood.  Why?  Haven’t figured it out yet.  Little crap is setting me off.  I’m feeling crowded, anxious, full of too much frenetic energy.

Duh, I need to work out.  I’m eating healthy (well, more than before), and I’m not sitting in front of my desk for extended periods of time, getting up and doing stuff.  I think maybe it’s the fact that I am going to physical therapy and doing SOMETHING.  I’ve always had a bit of an addictive personality, and I do like that burn I get when I’m lifting sometimes.

Wait, I’ve had this conversation before.  “I’m going to go do something right now”  “Oh wait, my father in law is coming over, I’ll do it after” and it never happens.  The other thing is, it’s FREAKIN COLD outside right now.  Wish I had more room 🙁

*poor me*

Yep, that’s what the title should be today.  Just having a funk, it’ll pass.

Day 19/365: Lets get physical

I’m not great with stress, but I am getting better.  One of the most frustrating things about the past couple of years has been my aversion to doing anything physical.  My sister has a great phrase for when her kids need to get out and run.  It’s called getting your “RAH RAH”s out.

I haven’t been able to do that…well, I have to an extent, I’ve just used my elbow pain and surgery more as an excuse than anything else.

Now that I’m doing physical therapy, I’m getting a little taste of it, and the burn isn’t so bad.  The plan today is to go to my orthopedist checkup, come back and finish up work for the day and go outside with my sword and just swing it for a while.  Just the physical effort necessary should help me work up a little sweat, move muscles I haven’t in a while, and get outside and take some deep breaths.

I might even go for a walk to the pond in the front of our complex after.  *GASP* 🙂

Day 18/365: bzbzbzbzbz

I was in the office yesterday and had a meeting with my boss.  We go over goals we set the prior week and I was able to say ‘DONE’ to a LOT of things.  Man that makes you feel so freakin good.

Definitely a lot of stuff to keep us busy, which is awesome.  Lot of projects are coming to fruition which is really nice because it’s helping a lot of people be more efficient.

I need to really dig into my bonsai, but I just keep getting slammed by so many things.  I’m thinking of taking a class if I can find one locally.  The last thing I want to do is get this beautiful little tree and kill the thing. 🙂

Day 17/365: owww!

I’m doing physical therapy for my elbow, I had surgery the first week of December and it’s not loosening up like I’d like it to.  I think it has something to do with it being my right arm and I use it a lot more than my left.  So I’ve been doing physical therapy for about 2 weeks now and it’s helping a little, not as much as I would like.

The woman I work with, M, is a short little firecracker with fingers of steel.  There’s a huge, stubborn knot in my forearm that she attacks every time I’m in there.  Man, today she outdid herself.  I think it has more to do with the fact that she went to town yesterday as well so I’m still a little sore, but I iced it before I left so I’m not feeling too bad.

It’s amazing how everything is connected though.  I had a big knot behind my elbow that she worked the hell out of and it turned out to relieve some of the pressure I was feeling from the forearm knot.


Day 16/265: THE GIANTS WIN!

Okay, so some of you know that I am a diehard Red Sox fan.  What most people in NJ don’t know is that doesn’t automatically make me a Patriots fan!!!  I’ve been watching the Giants for a long time and always had my underdog team, and yeah for a while it was the Patriots, but then Brady showed up and made me change it 🙂

Funny thing was, it was New Orleans, then they won.  So I picked Detroit, and lookee there sports fans.  Maybe I should start betting 🙂

Anyway, all around, it was an awesome game, and yes, I would have said that even if they Giants lost.  I think Bradshaw(?) running in for a touchdown in the last few minutes was a serious blunder that made my blood pressure shoot up, but luckily for him, it all worked out.

Pierre-Paul – dude, yer an animal.  Manningham had a N I C E day as did a lot of the receivers.  Glad I watched the post season games this year, very exciting.

Pitchers and Catchers report in less than TWO WEEKS!!!!  GO SOX