Day 15/365 : Oh My Feet

Part of the Marching band at the high school is the color guard – waving flags, flipping rifles, dancing around the musicians, etc.  One of the things that I did for the band was run crew – we moved a lot of heavy stuff for the kids and by the end of the season, they were pretty good at it.

So they asked a bunch of us to help with the parking.  Wow dude.  There were two events going on at the same time.  The other event was a business seminar of some sort – 800-1000 people.

AND THEY ALL SHOWED UP LATE!  ugh.  Rude people man!  Managed to get everyone in and parked legally, and managed to get people out.  My feet are still hurting though.  And it was cold as crap out there.

Day 13/365: sick

I was going to try to be funny and gross and talk about the snot fairy, but I’ll leave that be.  Just woke up with a head full of yuck.

The biggest problem is I need allergy shots.  I have two cats and I’m also allergic to dust.  The biggest problem with allergy shots is what happened to me when I went to have them in September.

*short version*

I went in to get shots, I’d been getting them for about 2 months already, going once a week.  Mold, Dust, Ragweed, Cat dander, and a weird tree I didn’t know I was allergic to.  Didn’t like getting them, but they were helping.  Went in with Fae and the kids, which was a little odd because I usually went in by myself.  They make you wait around 20 minutes to be sure there’s no reaction and then you leave.  I didn’t always stay, but for the most part I did.  I did that day because Fae and Gillian got theirs as well.

Started feeling really warm and uncomfortable and looked at my skin, it was lobster red.  I looked at Fae, who was talking to the nurse, and said “I’m not feeling too good” to which the nurse reacted by practically diving across the room, grabbing me, and rushing me back into one of the exam rooms.  I sat on the bed/bench/table and put my back against the wall.  About 10 seconds later, I started getting tunnel vision and said, “Yep, think I’m gonna pass out” and I started sliding down the wall.

<inside my head>
I’m sitting in my office with two of my co-workers, discussing plans for an implementation of a project we were working on.  Detailed stuff, really indepth long conversations.  At least a two hour conversation.  I look up from my desk, and my Doctor is there.  “Weird” I think.  “What’s he doing in my office?”

<in the exam room>
I begin to slide down the wall, the nurse catches my head and lays me down, Fae grabs my legs and puts them up on the table.  Within 3 seconds the doctor is sailing into the room with epinephrine and benadryl, right into my leg.  I come to about 3 seconds after that, jerk back, drop away, and jerk totally awake and aware.

In my head – 2 hours.  In the room?  less than 2 minutes from “I’m going to pass out” to jerking totally awake.

Trippy, to say the least.  I waited around an hour, felt pretty good, so I went home.  I was calling 911 an hour or so later, started having the same reaction.  That wasn’t fun, but they pumped me so full of stuff that I think it’s still in my body months later 🙂

Day 12/365: be thankful

Some people don’t have anything.  Some people seem to have everything.  Today I want to focus on how lucky I am, not what I have or don’t have.

I have a family that loves and understands me, sometime more than I deserve.  Tho how anyone can understand me is sometimes beyond me too.  I want to revel in the fact that I am relatively healthy, happy, and taken care of.  Things come up that throw you for a loop, but in the end, you have to remember that it’s what you think that matters, and the only thing you can control is yourself, and your reaction to things.

I’m in the office today, so I’m going to sign off, but I went to go see Beauty and the Beast in 3d with Gillian last night and I have to say, I enjoyed being there with her and doing something together as well as the movie itself.  She’s doing this as a play in her school and she was excited when Madame Le Gran Bouche came on the screen.  She’s a wardrobe 🙂  And it means Mrs. Big Mouth for the most part 🙂  Perfect.