What the hell was she thinking?

What did I do to deserve this?  Was I good in a former life?  Did I win the relationship lottery?  Man, sometimes I just don’t know.  For some reason, this woman has decided that I’m worth spending her life with because before internet dating, well, before INTERNET, we started playing a role playing game online based on some books by Anne McCaffrey and more than 19 years later, she’s still putting up with me.

Has it been easy?  Nope.  Have we had good times and bad?  You bet.

But this exceptional woman has grown and changed and struggled and celebrated with me for a while now and I just want everyone to know that she’s the best.

And, it’s her birthday today 🙂  Happy Birthday baby.

New Chapter

So I’ve been thinking of looking around for something new for a while, but just never really got out there to see what was available.  I updated and cleaned up my resume and put it out there, but I wasn’t really looking that hard.  And then a job literally jumps off the page and in less than a week, I’m in an interview, and in less than a day I have an offer.

Very excited, nervous, sad, happy all at the same time.  I’ve been with the company I work for since March of 2006, so it’s been just over 6 years.  In IT, that’s FOREVER!  When I interviewed, the first guy I talked to had been there 6 years, his manager 17 years, and his manager 28 years.  The CIO has been with the company for 41 years!  Stability?  Yeah, I’d say so!

The work will be similar in that I’ll be meeting with internal users, determining what they need, and building a plan of action.  Then after figuring the return on investment and budget, if it’s feasible, I’ll build it.  The IT dept is 10x the size of the one I work with now.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride and I have learned a lot and met and worked with some excellent folx.  I’m sad and sorry to go, but it’s definitely time for me to make a change and do something different.

The funniest part is, it’s in NYC, and I’m SO not a city boy.  I grew up on Long Island but I never liked going into the city.  Now I’m going to commute 5 days on the train, wear a suit 5 days a week.  Weird!!!

Here’s to new beginnings.