Man, it’s flippin hot in the city.  The last three days have been mid 90’s with Houston humidity.  I left there for a reason people, seriously.  The new job still has that newness to it and I am still really happy with the choice.  New projects, both development and analysis, so it’s definitely not dull 🙂

Tried something new last night.  One of the things that I realized about myself and the way I’ve been treating my kids off an on when I get in that ‘mood’ is to not be very supportive, be snarky, and in some cases, a little nasty – to which I have apologized immediately and then get pissed at myself for days on end.

Aidan’s been asking about parkour and how he really loves it and wants to learn.  Instead of being supportive, I’ve been a bit negative, mostly because I don’t want him to get hurt, and all he talks about are the really difficult, high risk stuff.  We’ve been looking to find someone to give him some guidance and training, no luck.  I think the universe is telling me to get in shape, be with my kids, and teach them something.  Trouble is, I also had a lot of fun in between the twinges in my right shoulder.

I sent Aidan some videos to check out on basic stuff and exercises and all that.  He’s my kid though, he won’t do anything if he isn’t forced into it.  Unless he decides to turn over a new leaf and surprise you.  In my emails with the videos, I told him to be ready when I got home.  Well when I got home, it was still 90 degrees and 1000% humidity, so I said lets wait till the sun goes down.  I had worked myself out of the whole ordeal, about to get into bed and watch an hour of tv before I crashed when he came in and said “Lets Go!”  Dressed in sweat pants and a thick shirt.  DOH!  “Dude, change” so we both got into shorts and t-shirts, and grabbed all the garbage and recycling to take out.

“Where you going?” said my daughter.
“To the park” I said, “You want to come?”
“YEAH!” as she ran upstairs to change (into really tight clothes which she regretted later)
“Dad, I thought this was gonna be you and me?” Aidan said, a plaintive tone in his voice.
“We can do other stuff just me and you, I really want to get both of you out of the house for a while and get you moving and this is a good way to”  He wasn’t psyched, but he’s Aidan, so he made the best of it.   I think he enjoyed showing off for his little sis for a while there.

What is Parkour?  It’s something that 43 yr old, out of shape, practically torn shouldered idiots do to impress their kids and get them in shape.  It’s really the art of getting from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible.  Use the environment around you.

Am I going to be doing any of that anytime soon?  no, and neither will my kids.  But my answer to Gillian’s question, “Can we do that tomorrow night too, Daddy?” is Yes.

Gilly in Philly


So we’re in Philadelphia at a solar car running for Gillian, it’s pandemonium, but it looks like it’ll be fun. Left at oh dark thirty this morning to get down here on time.

We’ll see what happens.