Mud Racing

First, I did this in April –

Yesterday, I did this –

In September, I’m going to do this –

Yep, I like mud.  I wanted a goal to get into shape, and my friend J signed us up for the first Rebel Race in NJ.  I did a bit of running to get ready, but I didn’t factor the obstacles in, so I did a little walking, which I didn’t want to do.  Plus, it’d been dry for weeks before  so there was almost no mud.

No Mud?  Dude, it’s advertised as a mud run!  Grrrr.  Problem with this is being in the middle of the pack, I was suckin dust for the first 1/8 of a mile.  Not tasty.

Anyway, so NJ was fun, it was a bit of a wakeup call.  Plus, my friend J signed us up for the NY Rebel Race.  In the meantime, I switched jobs, stopped sitting around at home (I was working from home) and got moving when I got the new job in the city.  I did a bit more training, but not enough.  I was disappointed by several things, but actually pretty proud of the NY race.

  1. The first one was only 2.2 miles, this one was 3.3
  2. This was in NY State – hills like a mofo.
  3. There was a rappelling line across a swamp – hold on with your hands, cross your feet, and pull yourself across.
  4. Several added obstacles I’d never seen, the above being one of them.
  5. I started out a lot faster than I should have, which I warned the guy we were with about.  I REALLY thought my pace was a lot slower than it was.

Bad part – I walked more of this than I would have liked and felt like it kicked my ass.  I had realized that it was that much longer and that there would be that much hill work involved.

Good part – I finished it, and I’m already thinking about September.  I was thinking of going out for a run, but I want to keep my body in one piece 🙂

Anyone want to join me for September in Long Island?