10 official days

Okay, I didn’t swallow the cool aid, well, mostly because cool aid isn’t paleo. ūüôā ¬†I think the thing I’ve learned the most so far is that I was eating a lot of crap. ¬†I’ve been reading The Paleo Coach¬†for the last week or so, and while I’m still skeptical about some of it, most of it is really making a lot of sense.

I started eating better and closer to what I needed about 2.5 weeks ago, but it’s been 10 days since I started eating paleo only, and I have come to certain conclusions:

  • I feel better.
  • My shirts fit better.
  • My pants fit better.
  • Things that I shouldn’t eat are beginning to effect me negatively.
    • bread makes me really tired
    • sugar is giving me an headache
    • cookies just aren’t worth it anymore
  • My body is still craving milk, so I’m not totally on the bandwagon on that part

I’ve been munching on apples, carrots, and macadamia nuts because I’m coming to realize that I am a snacker. ¬†Going to get a head of broccoli and cut it up in a bowl and munch on that when I want to snack.

I’m curious to see what happens as I walk this path, so in order to have a baseline, I’ve gone to the doctor and had a battery of blood work done so I have something to compare to. ¬†I have to say, I’m eager to see how well I can progress, but more importantly, see how well I can keep it up.

Making progress

Wow, am I actually updating my blog more than once in a month?  And did I actually stick to something I started?

YES to both!

I’ve been slowly moving towards a totally paleo diet, or as close as I can get sometimes, for about 2 weeks, with the first day of spring as my official first real day. ¬†So it’s been about 5 days of solid, “Do I really want to eat that” behavior and I have to say, I am a little impressed. ¬†I haven’t really been looking for changes, and after starting “The Paleo Coach” book the other day, I’m not stepping on a scale either. ¬†I was in the elevator on my way up to work this morning, and I caught my reflection in the mirror and I have to say, I definitely saw a change in my face.

Don’t worry, not swallowing the cool aid or anything, I’m just pleased with the results so far. ¬†It’s more how I feel than what I look like, which is a nice change in how to look at stuff. ¬†I’ll keep you posted.


So my buddy has always had the best intentions of helping me get into shape and eat better and all that. ¬†I’ve been trying to be a good partner in all of it because I see how healthy he is and how much more energy he has than I do, but I always manage to self sabotage. ¬†I’ve been noticing a few things over the last few months that really lead me to this point where I really need to say goodbye.

Goodbye to overeating. ¬†Goodbye to unnecessary food. ¬†Goodbye to eating everything on my plate even though I know I’m full, but I brain wants to stuff more. ¬†Goodbye to being disappointed when my pants are tight, or the neck on my shirt won’t button up without a struggle.

I’ve been talking with my friend J, and discussing the finer points of Paleo dieting, and I can’t see any disadvantage. ¬†Yes, it cuts out all grains, and I’m a carboholic. ¬†Yeah, it cuts out all sweets, which in my case, is probably a good thing. ¬†I will¬†occasionally¬†slip, but I think I’m getting to know my little subconscious tricks, and how I talk myself into and out of things. ¬†Exercise is still a daunting task to conquer, but I think by eating better and walking more, I’m taking two large steps in the right direction.

So, in my quest to do this, I’m going to try to post what I’m eating as a guide and an idea of how I’m doing. ¬†I’d like to try to find a scale that I could use reliably here at work, so I’m going to look for that.

3/19 Рoatmeal with pb and preserves, grape nuts mixed together.  small plate of pasta and sausage from Maggianos, and a grass fed beef hamburger with guacamole between two pieces of kale.

3/20 – pink lady apple cut into quarters, almond butter spread on top. ¬†Planning on having some more pasta and sausage, mostly because I don’t want to waste food ūüôā ¬†Not sure what I’m eating for dinner.

To my knowledge, still 245 with my suit and shoes on. ¬†I think I’m going to just keep that in my head and when I feel like I’ve lost something significant, then weigh myself. ¬†And to my friend Cherie – I’m increasing the amount of water I’m drinking to 64oz or more, I’ve eliminated sweets, and I’m walking more. ūüôā

Did it again

I started something –¬†http://mattdaddy.net/2013/02/14/day-1/¬†? and didn’t follow it up of course. ¬†Trying to motivate myself to work more and not get killed in the Mud Race I have in May and Tough Mudder I have in October. ¬†Been getting scared by friends who have done it before, and eating a lot better lately. ¬†I could use some excuse of being sick every other week, but it’s mostly being lazy.

I think the biggest wake up was going to a doctors appointment and getting weighed, and being heavier than I have ever been…EVER! ¬†(and hell NO I’m not telling you). ¬†It was a nice little kick in the ass. ¬†Been talking with friends about Weight Watchers, Whole Food Dieting, and The Paleo Diet, and have really decided to do a little of all of it.

  • I cut out the soda at lunch and the soda & candybar run at 2:30 or so when I’m really just needing to get out from behind my desk.
  • I’ve increased my water intake to more than ZERO per day. ¬†Doctor told me I should be drinking about 64 ounces of water. ¬†Holy Moley! ¬†Problem with that is I have to do it all before 3 or so, or I’ll have to pee the whole 1.5 hour ride home. ¬†No thanks!
  • I’m working on portion control. (see note 1)
  • I’m making a practice of not going into the danger cabinet – the one with all of the cookies and sweet stuff. ¬†I’m not a big ice cream fan, so that’s not a big deal. ¬†A good chocolate chip cookie will be my downfall every single time.
  • Trying to cut down on grains and carbs as much as possible. ¬†Paleo says to cut out milk, but I feel like that’s a little drastic right now.
  • Increasing veg and fruit
  • Trying to find a quick alternative for breakfast in the morning. ¬†I usually have oatmeal with organic PB, a little preserves, and grapenuts. ¬†Paleo talks about eggs, but I don’t have time to make em, and I don’t like hardboiled eggs.

So what do ¬†you do to stay healthy? ¬†If ¬†you have any suggestions, I’d welcome them. ¬†With the weather being totally wacky lately, I’m trying to get out for walks during lunch, but rain and freezing sleet do not help and I need to do something like yesterday. ¬†Going to a gym really an option, more because of time constraints than anything else.

And yeah, I’m up for sleeping earlier, waking earlier, and doing a bit of a workout around 5:30, but I need serious motivation for that.