“Be Nice” & “Shut up and listen”

Every once in a while I sit back and try to figure out what I want my kids to know and internalize the most so they get far in life.  I have daydreams where they only remember one or two things that I’ve said, and I try to think about what I would want those things to be.

Okay, they’re teenagers so they probably won’t remember anything I ever say 🙂

Even so, if I could have two things to remember, I think that they would be this.  And this is subject to change at a moments notice because I’m me and i’ll think of better things in an hour or so.

  1. Be nice.  It doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t hurt anyone, and it’ll make you feel better about the general gist of things.  The cool thing about it, is that it has the potential to make someone else feel just as good.  There are a lot of people who have every reason to bitch, moan, and complain about some of the shit they have to deal with, and yet they don’t.  They’re nice to you, even when you’re a complete buttwipe to them.
  2. Shut up and listen.  This is something that I have been struggling with lately, it mostly has to do with self esteem.  You want to be the one with the cool story, or the good joke, or just the center of attention.  The problem is, the more you talk, the less people are going to internalize.  I used to be REALLY good at keeping conversations going because I’d always ask the other person about themselves.  Over the last year or two, I’ve noticed(as has Fae and reminded me) that I like to talk and I am tending to do it a lot to the point where I dominate conversation.  Listen to people.  We all like to talk about ourselves and our lives, let other people talk.  You might learn something cool.

The cool thing is, if you can do both points at the same time, so much the better.

So kids, as you get older and become adults, please learn these two simple things – Be nice, and Listen.

Whaaaas happening?

So i’m not ready to post pics of before and after, but I’m down about 16 lbs, feel 1000x better, and I’m about 6 weeks into completely Gluten Free/Paleo lifestyle.

Been drinking lots of water and walking as much as possible, so physically I’m feeling pretty good.  Completed my 4th Mud Run, this one was the Survival Race in Riverhead, NY, which is NOT flat.  (What’s up with that Long Island?)  I did a lot better than last year, but not nearly as well as I would have liked.  Tough Mudder is in five months and I’m not nearly ready.

Ack, it’s almost time to go, gotta pack up and get out to my parents in Long Island.  My Dad is walking in graduation at Dowling College tomorrow as one of the Doctoral Candidates, now full Doctor 🙂  Dr. Grandpa Tom 🙂