Somebody’s gotta pay

So here we are, Sonny boy is ready to take the plunge and make a decision when the rest of his letters come in.

How are we going to pay for everything?  I’m looking for advice on loans, grants, student loans, etc that will prepare me for the battle that is about to begin.  How did you do it, and if you could go back and do something different, what would it be?  Besides save more 🙂

Do I have to?

That was me at 8am this morning coming up with reasons not to go to my jujitsu class this morning.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the class.  Great people, Sensei is amazing, it’s outside in the elements.  All around a great way to spend a sunday morning.

I got in last night from Gillian’s tournament at 11:30, had to do some work on the CampCeliac website and some other stuff for work, so I didn’t go to sleep until close to 12:30.  I knew I would be upset with myself if I didn’t go, but I was tired, had a sinus headache, and came up with every single excuse not to.

Did it anyway.  Sunday morning class is my time.  It’s how I get my rah rah’s out – excess energy, anxiety and stress, etc – so that I can face the week.  I am sore, tired, and a bit foggy in the brain, but it was worth it.  Had a great class today, learned(relearned) two of the second set of sword kata, did some cho-bo and hanbo staff work.  Learned some kodachi techniques and had fun rolling around in the snow.  I’ve been gone for a while so I’m having to relearn some of it, but it’s a good refresher, and thankfully I’m getting back into the swing a lot faster than I had thought I would be able to.

And I felt really good after the class was over.  We typically meditate for a few minutes before and after class and that was the most relaxed I’ve been all week – kneeling in the snow, wet from my ass to shoulders, feeling real contentment fold over me like a warm blanket.  The sense of accomplishment I knew I’d feel after class was even better today, mostly because I pushed past all of the excuses to get back in bed and waste the day.