A Lonely Fan

I’m surrounded man, I tell ya, I’m living in the wrong state, working for the wrong place.

Why, you ask? I’ll tell you. I’m a Red Sox fan, living and working in Yankee Country. Oye! Almost everyone who cares in my office is a Yankee fan except for me, one other Sox fan, and 3 Mets fans. What a great season it’s been for me, not having to hear the regular ’26’ chanted in my face all the time. The Sox faltered quite a bit at the end, but I think that the last two weeks, they regained their ‘stuff’ and really came back together.

It’s also a great time to be a baseball fan. My friend Alex is a Mets fan, and even though he had a really rough end of the season, he’s still loving baseball. Why? Have you been watching lately? The NL wildcard race ALONE was worth it. Btw, for those who care – do you think the guy really did touch home plate? I’m still doubting that, but I have to give it to the Rockies, they kicked some serious ass to get where they are. I wish them the best so we can SMOKE Them in the World Series.

Am I worried about the Indians? Totally.
Do I think the Sox will pull it off in three? Probably Not.
Do I think the Sox will be in the World Series? Totally.

All we need to do is keep Beckett & Schilling pitching that kind of game, have Dice K pull one off and all they’d need is Buchholz to throw one of those amazing games and we’re in like Flynn.

Speaking of the Yankees – I have to say. I’m sad and glad for Torre at the same time. I’m sad that his tenure might be over, and I hope he’ll be managing somewhere else next spring. At the same time, I think that he can do more with his experience and work for someone who is not as much of a tyrant as Steinbrenner.

We’ll see.

I do have to say, I’M SO GLAD THE SEASON ISN’T OVER!!!!!