All about me

I saw on someones profile a long list and I thought I would do it too.

I love my wife.  Not only love her, but I like her too.
I love my kids.  I don’t have enough space to go into that.
I love martial arts.  I definitely prefer ones where I can punch, kick, throw or all three.
I love the fact that I blog and people actually read it.
I love the fact that I’m friends with people I’ve never actually met.
I love the fact that my boss takes me seriously and I am doing good things at my company.
I love chocolate chip cookies.
I love the fact that I have been able to catch up with people on Facebook I want to catch up with, and keep up with the people I didn’t like in High School to see if they got old, fat, or bald – or all three.
I love the fact that blogging makes me bold, that I say things I would normally never have said.
I love the way my kids heads smell after they shower.
I love Audio books, the only thing that saves me on my commute.
I love the fact that people actually like me and think I am cool.  No, you don’t all have to admit it at once.
I love the fact that I feel connected with something on a higher level when I’m doing forms, using weapons, or doing anything associated with martial arts.

I’d love to write a book.
I’d love to skydive.
I’d love to be able to redo high school, knowing what I do now.
I’d would have loved to meet Thurman Munson even tho I’m a die-hard Red Sox fan.
I’d love to be more confident in myself.
I’d love to invent something that would take the power away from everyone who is corrupt, and send them all to Africa and other troubled places to do penance for all of their bullshit.
I’d love to find a way to stop people from harming the planet.
I’d love for the people who read my blog to ALL comment instead of just reading, tho if you’re not comfortable with commenting, I’m loving that you’re reading.

I hate money and what it does to people.
I hate the fact that I will never smoke pot again.
I hate close minded people – Democrats AND Republicans.
Sorry, but I hate Sarah Palin.
And Yeah, I can’t stand the Shrub, I mean GW Bush.  (heh heh)
I hate the fact that Jon Stewart won’t run for President
Not crazy about the current economy, but who can blame me.
I hate that I can’t continue this, because I’m supposed to be working.