All I can say is wow…

Firstly, I had to admit – I would have liked to see more than 4 games in the WS.

Secondly – THE SOX WON BABY!!!! 2007 CHAMPS!

Gotta love a win, way too cool. There were several times during games 3 and 4 where I thought the Rox would turn it around, but it didn’t happen. The best thing about this team, is that they could really continue to do it this well. Several things are going on tho:

Lowell’s contract needs to be renewed. Problem is the Sox usually don’t renew contracts for people over 35. They’re stupid if they don’t renew it – BUT – they’ll probably only offer him a 1-2 year deal, where I’m sure there are a lot of teams looking to pick him up for several years. Lowell’s problem is that A-Rod is looking for a SS or 3B team to pick him up, so there’s some competition. Probability to rehire – 50-50

They should pick up Schilling for another year because he’s probably only got one left. I’d like to see him retire from the Sox, but he’s said he’s good for another year, so who knows. He’s a free agent now, and his asking price is pretty high. Probability to rehire – low.

Wakefield’s arm is shot, he’s said he’d like to go another year. Dude? Retire, please.

Mirabelli – Go away dude. Cash can catch for Wake if he has to. Go away.

Kielty & Hinske – I think they should keep both of these guys. Good utility players in a clutch.

If they don’t pick up Lowell –
I think Helton, the Rox 1st baseman, is up for Free Agency. If they could pick him up, push Youklis to 3rd, they’d be in really good shape. I think they might be able to mix Schilling into this deal, so who knows. I know that the Rox are interested in Pitchers, so send Schilling and Delcarmen to Rox, get Helton – we’re set.
Gagne – do I even need to talk about this guy? He’s so gone, I’m sure his house in MA is on the market already if he even bought one.

Buchholz – Make the man a starter.

Ellsbury – Declare him King of Boston 🙂 Why he didn’t get the MVP is beyond me. Lots and LOTS of good baseball in this guy.

What does that leave us with?

Coco – dude, you gotta go.

Lugo – start hitting, PLEASE. If not, drop in Cora.

Dustin – Dude? You’re the man.

Youk – start warming up your 3rd baseman’s glove dude.

Anyway, just random thoughts.