ATWT – A thousand words thursday

Jen over at Cheaper than Therapy does this every week and I am enjoying joining in.
Cheaper Than Therapy

This is a picture of Gillian, my nine year old. Keep in mind, my wife is 4’11”, and I believe that Gilli is going to take after her. Me? I’m 6’2″ and I don’t think either of my kids will be as big.

The funny thing about this pic is that Gillian used to say “I don’t know how to read” when we would read to her and ask her to try. “You read it Daddy!” was her favorite come back. Now, she’s a voracious reader who in most cases will rather pick up a book than watch cartoons – SEE! I KNEW I DID SOMETHING RIGHT!! 🙂

Gilli and her book

the funny thing is, now that she reads by herself all the time, we always read a chapter of May Bird before bed.  My son got jealous so I’m reading to him too.  They like it, and I get a kick out of it too.