being thankful

So what are you thankful for?  Yes, we’re all over our tryptophan highs and hopefully some of us are going out for a run (not me, still in my pj’s), but I want to take a minute to record some of what I am truly thankful for.

  • my wife, who still loves me after almost 14 years
  • my kids, who still dig me (as far as I can tell)
  • the fact that I have a roof over their heads, heat, food, and clothing
  • the fact that I have a job, tho it’s far, it’s really pushing me in so many ways
  • the internet 🙂
  • the friends that I’ve found for many corners of the country but never met in person
  • the friends that I’ve found from my past and reconnected with on some level
  • the fact that I’m happy, healthy, and moving forward with growing and changing.

Got 8 things you want to share?  Comment!!!