Can’t complain

When I don’t write anythaing.  Does that rhyme?  Probably not, but it sounded funny in my head.  Then again, a lot of stuff sounds funny in your own head and idiotic when it gets out of your brain.

K, enough about my brain.  Which is mush right now.  Just got back from a good conference in Orlando, we finally got to unveil the project I’ve been pushing forward for about 8 weeks now.  It didn’t get nearly as complete as I would have liked, but we didn’t know then what we do now, and the last 2-3 weeks have taught us a lot and I think that we’ll be able to deliver most if not all by year end, which is much more realistic.

So my some of my biggest stress items are now laid to rest, with quite a few compliments and offers of help going forward which is gratifying.  It’s a dashboard that shows our facility users trends, historical, and current up-to-date data in a way they’ve never been able to see before.  I had one lady sitting with her jaw dropped open and a huge smile on her face – I figured I had done something right 🙂

Have to get through the deposition for my 3 yr old case on Tuesday and then it’s not stress free by anymeans but the lingering “when is this going to end” event will at least take a giant step forward.  I’m ready to put it to bed and get on with my life man, truly.

What else?  Well, I won a 6 foot cardboard cutout of Bella Swan from Twilight, so getting that back to NJ from FL was fairly interesting.  Thankfully she folded in half, but still.  Got a few raised eyebrows going through security.  Flights to and from FL were chock full of kiddies which was scary, but not as much of a trial when all was said and done.  Got some time to hang out with a lot of people I work with as we got a halfday ticket to Universal Studios.  A bunch of us are serious Harry Potter nerds, so we went immediately to that area and let me tell  you – thank goodness it was raining and mid-week.  We saw the areas set up for lines that we thankfully bypassed, I heard sometimes the line is 3-5 hours long.  Cool as stuff inside the castle, the ride was a mix of whirling teacup, cgi puke inducement, and wild ass ride as you jump into the middle of a quidditch match and the dementors attack.  Highly recommended, but will make you a bit queasy if you’re good on coasters, will make you positively vomit if you are bad on them 🙂

I’ve spent almost 3-5 hours playing spit with Gillian this weekend and watching tv and playing video games with Aidan.  Plus, Fae and I are catching up on episodes of Caprica.  Long, hard weeks of work, but I think they paid off and I’m trying to pay back my family 🙂

They’ve been troopers and complained very little.  Leaving work at 5pm all week this week, so hopefully that’ll help.

Thanks for coming back even tho I have written so little lately.