Celiac Disease? Crap!

Let me give you some background if this is your first visit.  My daughter Gillian was having serious health issues in 2007.  Her hair wasn’t growing, the teeth she lost weren’t growing back, her belly was distended, no energy, the works.  My niece had just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease so we had her tested, and it came back positive.  A month or so eating gluten free and she was back on her road to health.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease where you attack your own body, in this case, when gluten is present in  your system.  Some people get the runs, or constipated, or IBS(irritable bowel syndrome) or sometimes they don’t feel anything.  A blood test is the first step, followed by an endoscopy to see what’s going on.

I’ve been putting on weight in the last few years, mostly due to being a lazy prat, but I wanted to change that this year so I signed up for a Mud Run in May and Tough Mudder in October.  A buddy of mine was on the Paleo diet, so I decided to give it a shot.  I had ready some pretty negative things about it, so to put my mind at ease, I went for a blood panel of tests to check my levels.  I have hypothyroidism – my thyroid doesn’t produce enough of what it’s supposed to – and I wanted to check that, and my cholesterol, and other things.  I had them throw in a celiac test as well.

A week went by and I hadn’t heard from my doctor, so I called and it turns out he was on vacation when the tests came back so they said they’d have one of the doctors check it out and call me.  He called me when I was on the busride home to tell me everything looked normal, but that I was testing positive for Celiac disease.

Called and told my wife, my parents, and my siblings.  Not a big shock, but still it sucks.  Everything I had given up for the paleo diet had been a choice.  Now, the things I loved the most were being taken away.  Thankfully, it’s not 2007, and there are plenty of things in the store, and plenty of restaurants that serve gluten free stuff, so I should be good.

Still?  This blows. 🙂