Celiac’s and Gillibird

First and foremost, before you continue reading, Celiac’s disease is a reaction to anything with gluten in it. Gillian’s okay, so don’t worry.

Well, at least now we know. For the last several months, Gillian has been looking kind of pale and withdrawn. My niece was having some similar problems and her doc recommended some Iron supplemented vitamins to help out. We talked to our doc and he ended up giving us the same thing. Really worked well – she started eating a lot more, had more energy, etc. It was good.

Well, it lasted for a little while, but she’s been looking more withdrawn lately and having problems with heartburn now too. My niece has already been diagnosed with Celiac’s and the doc want to do some blood work on her.

Came back positive for Celiac’s. What that means is that she could be miserable for the rest of her life with her current diet, or live a normal one with a significant change in her diet. In the majority of the cases documented, a simple glutenfree diet usually takes care of almost all of the problems and symptoms.

Initially? “There’s something wrong with my daughter, and it’s probably my fault” ran through my head a bit. I have a feeling that it’s coming from my side of the family, but Fae had some problems as a kid, so it might be from both sides of the family. Who knows. I’m probably going to get tested just to make sure.

Now? We’re going to a pediatric gastro doc tomorrow and probably going to schedule an endoscopy to make sure. After that, gluten free diet. One of the bigger things that happens with celiac’s is height and weight problems. Honestly, I can see maybe her weight, but I have a feeling that her height is all my wife’s fault 😉 All I care about is that we found out what might be wrong and the solution isn’t going to be too bad or painful or anything like that.

Just makes you thankful for small miracles:)