Turn and face the strain….

Nah.  I’m going to turn and face the new job.  Yup 🙂  I handed in my notes at my current company on Monday and I begin work at my new company on Sept 23rd.  I will be the IT Development Manager in charge of….development 🙂

They needed a project manager who knew how to read and write code and voila, they got me!

So excited.  New adventure, new surroundings, new commute.  Yes, sports fans.  I’m trading in my 2 hours commute into NYC for an 18 minute commute two towns over.  YES!  TWO TOWNS!  I can wake up at 7:30, get a shower, breakfast, coffee, dressed, and to work before 8:30! 🙂  Actually my plan is to get a gym membership around the corner so I can get  up at 6am with the kids, get them ready and off, go do 30-45 minutes at the gym, come home, shower, get ready  – and not wear a tie, and get to work before 8:30am.

It’s the gig of a lifetime and the stars just all aligned.  Great Director to report to, can’t wait!