Cleaning, cleaning & cleaning

So I changed the theme, what do you think?  Please let me know, I’m really curious if everyone likes it.  That’s cleaning #1.

Cleaning #2 – MY WHOLE FREAKIN HOUSE!!!!!  You have to understand, we’re about to go to FL for a few days of much needed break, and my inlaws are coming in to feed the cats and dump the litter boxes.  They are THE (and I mean number one) cleanest people I have ever met, and we didn’t want them coming in and having to see the place in the current state.  That and it just needed one of those: Roll up your sleeves, put on the crap clothes that you don’t care get bleach on them, and scour the whole freakin place.  Fae’s been out of commission for a good part of the summer getting her anx/dep meds in line so she wasn’t capable of much for a while there.  This was not only a cleaning of surfaces, but cleansing of the energy that was in the house too.  I’m a big believer in airing things out, so not only did we throw open all the windows, we aired out the energy too.

Cleaning #3 – I’ve been lapse in my meditation lately and I’ve noticed that since my physical regimen is hampered by my elbow sucking (tendonitis makes it hard to take falls in jujitsu or swing a sword), I’m not having that chance to get my “Rah Rah’s” out which tends to leave too much stress in my head, which boils over, blah blah blah.  So I sat comfortably last night for about 20 minutes and listened to myself breathe, and tried to regulate my body like I used to be able to.  Needless to say, it’s going to take more meditation 😉

So what are you doing to get ready for the Fall and Winter?  My favorite time of year is right now – sun is still warm enough that I can feel the heat on my skin, but it’s a little chilly at night so I need a coat.  The last part of cleaning #3 wasn’t planned .  After I sat and breathed for a while I went out to get something from my car and the moon was so full and the sky was so clear I just stood there and drank it in for a while.  It’s moments like that that make me glad I’m alive.  Such a simple, beautiful thing.