Cool to be a fan

So I’m watching TV the other day, and I realize that the All-Star game is on. I watch the first few innings, missed the President throwing out the first pitch, but I catch it in the highlights. Then they go to the broadcast booth where Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are and who is sitting between them in a White Sox jacket?

President Obama. Dude. That is probably the coolest fuckin thing I have ever seen. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, even if you’re not an Obama fan, having a President sitting in the broadcast booth talking to the guys is cool. Having a President who actually knows and can talk about baseball is just about the coolest thing ever. I know that Dubya and some other presidents have thrown out pitches at other games, but for some reason, this just hit me as so damn cool. Granted, he JUST made it, but still. A southpaw president, throwing a decent pitch. Very cool.

Interested in seeing if they can top that for next year at Angels Stadium.