Last year, right after the Red Sox had won the World Series, I was lucky enough to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  My best friend and I went and came home to two very upset kids, our sons.  So a few months ago, A asked me if I wanted to go back again, this time with the boys.

Duh?! 🙂

Leaving tomorrow am with Aidan to go pick up A’s son D, going up to Albany, picking A up at the airport, and driving out to Cooperstown.  We’re gonna spend a few hours walking around town, maybe pick up some souvenirs, grab a bite to eat while talking about baseball the whole time, and then head back to the hotel and let the boys swim for a while before crashing.  We’re going to go over to the Hall first thing Sunday and spend the day, be back Sunday evening sometime.  Gotta love a chance to hang out with your buddy, your kid, and talk baseball for two days 🙂