In the past, I have done a lot of riding for Aids research, Aids care, and to help Aids facilities. Why? Because I can. Can John Clerke? Nope. Can Jim Paluszak? Nope.

Why not? What’s stopping them?

They caught, suffered, and died because of Aids.

Matt, are you gay? Why are you riding for something that only gay people have?

There’s the crux of it. Aids doesn’t give a crap who you are, what you do, or anything like that. Aids doesn’t discriminate based on age, sex, religion, politics, gender, sexual preference. NOTHING.

I brought up those questions because I was asked them at one point or another. How can a relatively healthy 38 yr old, married man with 2 kids get on a bike and ride for people he doesn’t even know. “Does your wife know you’re gay” is one of my favorites.

Yes, I’m straight. Yes, I’m getting older. Yes, I was in an accident where I rolled my car three times and somehow managed to walk away from it. Can I ride?


Am I upset.


but the great people that are organizing the ride are letting me crew instead since the injury is making it impossible to ride. I’ll be the one handing out water, or driving the sweep van or 100 other little things to make it easier for the riders to have a good experience. This will be my first turn on crew and while I would rather ride, I have to listen to my body this time.

What does this mean? It means that if you are reading this, I’m still looking for donations!!! Please contact me to find out how you can help!!!