Day 1

So, I’m a lunatic.  I decided last year that I was going to do Tough Mudder.  12 miles, obstacles, hills, pain, torture, electrocution.  Why am I doing this?

Anyway, I’m nervous as hell.  So, I started doing something about it today.  Lasted all of a total of 5 minutes, but it’s 5 more than I did  yesterday, so I don’t care.

I have some pics that I took to have a before shot, and they’re just too fucking depressing to post.  So we’ll see what happens.  All I know is, I did more than I normally would have because Fae kept asking “What’s Next?” in a cute voice.

  • 2 min jumping jacks
  • 1 min burpees
  • 1 min everest (washcloths on each foot, in a pushup position, bring knees to chest on bathroom floor)
  • 1 min squats

Feels okay lying in bed, but my arms are kinda weak.  This isn’t going to be pretty.