Day 19/365: Lets get physical

I’m not great with stress, but I am getting better.  One of the most frustrating things about the past couple of years has been my aversion to doing anything physical.  My sister has a great phrase for when her kids need to get out and run.  It’s called getting your “RAH RAH”s out.

I haven’t been able to do that…well, I have to an extent, I’ve just used my elbow pain and surgery more as an excuse than anything else.

Now that I’m doing physical therapy, I’m getting a little taste of it, and the burn isn’t so bad.  The plan today is to go to my orthopedist checkup, come back and finish up work for the day and go outside with my sword and just swing it for a while.  Just the physical effort necessary should help me work up a little sweat, move muscles I haven’t in a while, and get outside and take some deep breaths.

I might even go for a walk to the pond in the front of our complex after.  *GASP* 🙂