Day 25/265: Oye, the commute!

So my normal routine is 4 days home, 1 day in the office, usually Wednesday.  This week was no different, it’s just the 6 accidents that slowed everything down.

Bridgewater, NJ to White Plains, NY is about 86 miles.  Takes me roughly 1.5 hours each way.  Yeah, I did that commute 5 days a week for about 4.5 years.  Oye 🙂  Honestly getting into the car, I usually go into autopilot and just listen to my audiobooks.

Today it took about 2 hours, but it wasn’t super bad on the way home thankfully.  I just forget how long it takes sometimes.

I have to admit tho, I do miss being in the office sometimes.  Just being in that atmosphere is invigorating, mostly because I get my best work done when I’m bouncing ideas off my co-workers and just get a better feel for the flow of things.  Today was no different – couple of meetings, a nice long tech-chat session with the guy who works for me, and lots of tying up of loose ends on a few projects that kept getting pre-empted by more priority stuff.

The other thing that happened yesterday that was great today was my understanding level of some of the stuff I work with.  I was really baffled by this one issue (I won’t bore you with what or the details), but I ended up banging my head against a wall for a long time and felt down about my level of understanding.  Turns out it was just a stupid user error on my part and once I figured it out, I felt great.  Not only that I had finally solved my issue, but with the fact that my understanding of how it worked was right, I just had something I left out and it made it not work for me.

I had been posting some stuff on a tech forum that I use from time to time, and after several back and forths with someone on the forum, I mentioned that I felt dorky for making such a basic mistake.  I got two responses that made my day:

No need to feel dorky. There are a lot of good DBAs who don’t go where you are now.
Yeah, forget dorky. If we all knew how to do everything perfectly, it wouldn’t be near as fun to get that feeling of SUCCESS!!!

I can’t be alone in wanting to learn new stuff, and I accept that failure is often the first, and annoyingly persistent, result.

I am thrilled that there are forums like this for when I’m stuck on something that I KNOW has got to be tiny and a stupid mistake on my part.

It just made day to hear something supportive like that.  Anyway, I feel a lot better about reformatting and updating some stuff I’ve wanted to play with for a while now, so I’m excited again 🙂