Day 26/365: Seeking professional help

On November 4th 1999, a week after my daughter was born, we moved into our condo.  “It’ll just be for a few years, then we’ll move into a house”.  Yeah, said with the best intentions.  Due to some bad spending, debt that needed to be paid off, and a housing crash, by the time we were in a position to really move, Aidan was going into 8th grade, and we knew it was going to take time to sell, and with the economy in the shape it was then, we decided we were here until the kids were done with High School at least.

One of the things we did when we moved in was repaint the whole thing, and have since repainted the whole downstairs and upstairs hallway since it’s all the same color about 6-7 years ago.  Our place is about 25 years old at this point, and so while we’ve been living here, some settling has taken place which is pretty normal.

So we’ve been thinking of doing another repaint to get the vibrant yellow back that we had, it’s kinda washed out in two places that get a lot of direct sunlight.  One of the things we’ve noticed has been on the corners, there is a metal strip that is on both sides, and there’s a crack that runs up one side, and some corners are worn down to the metal because of being hit or wear, and there are a LOT of holes in the walls.  One of the things that happened over the last two years is Fae has lost both of her grandmothers and has inherited a lot of pictures, so the pics in the upstairs hallway have been needed to be shuffled and moved, and this actually affords us an opportunity to rethink the whole picture plan.  It’s nice, it’s like a whole family wall up there.

The problem is, I am not that great at the repairs to begin with and after talking to a few friends and family, we decided to bring someone in to do the repairs.  We’ve got some molding that we tried to caulk and it looks like crap, lots of holes (like I mentioned), the corners, and some other stuff that just needs someone who knows drywall.

So I’m sitting here while he’s scraping and repairing things and so totally excited that it’ll get done right instead of me having to do it 3 times because it’s ‘just about there’.  Plus, if it’s messed up, we can call him to come fix it 🙂  YAY 🙂

Nice thing about it is he’s gonna clean up one of my other semi-failures – the bathroom showers.  I’ve recaulked those things like 10 times over the years and they still look like crap and leak.  My wife is so good, she finds someone who can do it all 🙂

I just peeked at some of the stuff he’s already done.  He’s good 🙂  After prime and a coat of paint, you won’t be able to tell diddley.  YAY x2