Do I smell Girl Scout Cookies?

Oh dude, please.  Not again.

My daughter is about to turn 10.  TEN!!  That’s not the part that wigs me out, it’s the “I’m going to set my goal this year at 300 boxes!!!  YAY!”

Shoot me.  No, I’m serious, shoot me.  I’m going to be the one dragging my ass around our neighborhood selling these things with her, and delivering them with her?  Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy 300 boxes from me right now and put me out of my misery?

In all seriousness, I’m proud of her.  We were fairly dragging her around the ‘hood last year, MAKING her sell them since she had set her goal.  When the last box was finally delivered, and yeah, it took several weeks, I sat her down and told her – no more.  We’d talk about the goal for next year, next year, possibly set it lower, I was not going to MAKE her sell them, or drag her around so she got the goal she wanted.  I’m being realistic, not defeatist.  I’m more than willing and happy to help, but I’m not gonna do it for her.  That’s nuts.

She told me, “I’m sorry Dad, I’ll do better next year” to which I responded, “I don’t want you to do better, I want  you to set your goal, and have the right attitude.  Doing it this way is Mom and I MAKING you do it.  If you don’t want to sell this many boxes, that’s FINE.  You’re still selling more than I thought possible.”

So we just got the forms and she grabbed them and the phone immediately and started calling relatives.  Actual selling doesn’t start until Oct 1. so she’s holding off going out into the neighborhood until then.  I asked her about the goal of 300, and she assured me that if I would help her deliver them, and walk around WHEN SHE ASKED ME TO, that she’d handle it all.

They’re 4$ a box.  Who wants 300 boxes?  😉

I’m actually excited for this year because we’re going into it with a different attitude.  She’s set her goal already at 300, and she’s eager to do it herself – that’s the important part.  Stay tuned for updates.  Hopefully the attitude will continue.  If it does, this’ll be her 3rd year of 300+ boxes.