Feels like Monday

Went to Kendo for the first time in over a month and thankfully it wasn’t a full class, just kata – more walking through forms than strapping on armor and beating the crap out of each other.  Refreshed my memory with some stuff we had learned in Kendo Camp and got a chance to see everyone again, it was cool.  The biggest cool thing was that we brought in Aidan’s armor and he got sized and thank GOD everything is usable (ie not too small/big).  The only thing that might be an issue is his helmet, but with padding, he’ll be fine.

So, today feels like Monday because I woke up and it was gray, and I didn’t feel great, and nothing is working right with the code I’m writing.  Plus:

  • the same moron cut me off twice, about 50 miles apart – go figure.  Maybe he was following me.  My personal monday fairy.
  • the guy in the bathroom didn’t courtesy flush.  Total Fail.  I hate when they don’t, and then they leave you to take the blame for not courtesy flushing.  Hey, it’s my blog, I can write about what I want 🙂
  • the guy in the building that is about 1000 years old who HAS to do everything for himself.  He got pissed at me for holding the door for him.  I understand where he’s at, but you know what, FU dude, I was being polite.
  • the 47 people who didn’t realize that the left lane is for passing.  You are hereby notified that you suck ass.

A few things that make it feel NOT like Monday:

  • my boss being cool as hell
  • one of the guys I work with asking me if I want the last three dumplings he ordered for lunch from the chinese place
  • having a place to bitch about my day/week/month/year/life

Feel free to share what’s making your day shitty/great.