First class

Today was the first day of teaching at the health club so I was pretty excited.  Until I looked at the weather report.  Ugh.  It started snowing around 3:30pm and started sleeting around 5pm.

So what perfect weather to get started! 🙂  The office closed at 4:15pm, so the people who were coming from work stopped by to tell me they couldn’t stay – I didn’t blame them at all, I would have split too.  So I crossed my fingers and got my stuff together and headed over.  Rich, one of the guys I work with in my dept was still there and went over to the club as well.  Cool, one student! 🙂

So I got there and hung out with Rich until about 5 minutes to 6 and two people walked in to take the class.  Cool!  I have to say, I forgot how much I really enjoy teaching.  Got some good feedback and responses in class, plus a good feeling that all three people will be back next week and a bunch of people from work next time.

All in all, I’m feeling really good right now, especially after some crappy days leading up to today.  Really looking forward to next week!