Free…well, my left arm is at least :)


This is me for 7 whole days, wrapped up so freakin tight that I had to take off my wedding ring.  No fun having swollen sausage fingers.  The outer part was a splint with ace bandages wrapped around the whole mess.

Yeah, that’s me at work this Tues, my first day back.  I was ready to go too.  Talk about cabin fever!

I'M FREE!!!!

Here’s me, I’m finally free:) Yes, I have the ring back on. The incision is kinda nasty actually, but it’s healing and I need to leave it open. I just hope I don’t freak anyone out at work tomorrow:)  You should have seen it when they pulled it all off.  It was really weird man, all the blood rushing back in and all wrinkled from the cloth being wrapped around it for a week.

Dude, I canNOT imagine having a hard cast on for multiple weeks.  No Flippin way dude.