Generosity and just being a good neighbor

Fae’s been under the weather lately, and will be going in for an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. Most of the problem is everything running right through her. Figured it was anxiety, lack of exercise, flocks of birds flying by. Who knows. Finally went to see a good gastro doc, who gave her something to help settle things, which helps a little, and who wants to do a scope from both ends. Yeah, probably more than you all really wanted to know πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’ve been taking up the slack lately, mostly because she’s weak and spending a lot of time in bed. Not a problem, makes life interesting tho when my elbow is killing me and I need another cortizone shot. Anyway, beyond that.

One of the things I love about our complex is the way it’s laid out – it’s beautiful from the front entrance all the way to the back of the complex. Trees, rolling hills, winding streets. I love it. The one thing I don’t love, is how transient it is. Just get to know folx and they leave to get a house or to another town. Needless to say, I’ve really been missing the camaraderie that I grew up with, when everyone knew everyone, and there were PACKS of kids running around the neighborhoods all day long.

So the Mom of a friend of Aidan’s was talking to Fae about everything that’s been going on, having worked through similar issues a while back and marveled at how helpful everyone was. Two days later, she shows up with a big tub of curry. Goat Curry. I know, sounds weird. DUDE. It was amazing. She’s from Haiti, her husband is from Cuba. When “Mister Papi” heard that Fae wasn’t feeling well, he said “They need some home cooking” and starting quizzing his wife about where we were from and what kind of food we liked. The next day, as I’m marvelling over the curry – YES, Goat is delicious – she shows up at the pool, asking if she can bring over more food. I smile and rub my tummy, cracking her up. I go home later with the kids and she’s there with Fae and they start giggling when I walk in.

“Go look in the fridge” she says, trying not to laugh.

I look and it’s packed full. You ready for what was in there?
Pork chops(that you can cut with a fork) smothered in onions and spices along with home made perogies(which I’ve never had).
Wait…there’s more πŸ™‚
Pork Paella – pork, saffron rice, onions, and chorizo.
And to finish??
Homemade Flan.

I’m in heaven:) I tried to go over and thank him in person the other day but he was asleep, so I stuck some money in the wife’s hand, demanding that she take it.

I know he did it out of the goodness of his heart, the fact that he knows I love good food, and because he’s a damn good person. Nor did he want anything in return. You know what tho? I can’t accept this without contributing something. Made me feel better and I’m glad she took it.

It’s THAT kind of neighbor that I’ve missed for a very long time. He did it because he thought it was right that we had some homecooked food while Fae’s out of commission. All I can say is Mister Papi? Thank you dude.

Now pass the homemade mac n cheese with bacon. Yeah, I think he brought that over today πŸ˜‰