Getting Old

Riverhead is flat, right?  NO!

This is my third “Mud Run” this year…well, ever, and I was really looking forward to being in shape and being able to blow thru this one fairly well.  Yeah….not so much.

The one in Jersey was flat and about 2.5 miles.  The one in NY State was hillier and 3.3.  That one just about killed me, but I got through it.  This one was going to be good.  I had run more, I was eating better and it was going to be FLAT!!!  Yeah, like I said, not so much.

Getting old blows.  Last monday, my ankle started giving me problems.  It’d decide it didn’t have to work right every 10th step or so.  Nothing in particular, just give out and make me look funny walking down the hall.  Yeah, I think it did it on purpose.  Plus the last 2 months, my lower back has been acting up too.  So why the hell am I doing these obstacle 5ks?  Because I’m an idiot.  Or I must be.

But it was fun man, this one was a real challenge.  The cool thing is, it was held at the 4H camp that my brother and sister and I went to for a week about 35 years ago.  It didn’t look really familiar until we got to the starting line and I picked out the lodge where we used to eat.  I remember the space between the cabins as being much bigger, but then again, I think I was probably 8 at the time.  As we got started and began running around the grounds, we started recognizing things.  My buddy J was there encouraging us on, especially since he could blow through this thing with ease and 30 minutes to spare.  Just running sucks, and I truly hate it which is why I never really got into 5k and 10k races.  I just simply hate running, period.

Exercise, I am not fond of, but I like it pretty well if I’m doing something fun.  These races are fun because there are lots of obstacles to go over and conquer, and I think that’s the whole thing behind this thing – it’s challenging.  Not many people really run for time.  I’ve seen people in business suits, chicken costumes, wedding dresses, you name it.  The people that try to cut in front of you at the obstacle saying “I’m going for time” everyone kinda chuckles at.

Ooooooh, you get a little plastic trophy!  Dude, I’m in this to have fun, challenge myself, and most of all, to get muddy as hell.  That’s the key for me, and this race had plenty of thick mud.  The best part was the end, you had to crawl through it under these wires, and you couldn’t help but dive into it.  It was right at the end, and the crowd is egging you on, so “SUPERMAN” I was and I got nasty.  As my brother and I were nearing the end of the pit, he yelled, ‘dunk your head!’.

Okay, so  you know?  That stuff is fuckin nasty.  It’s watery mud on this one, there are roots and branches and lots of gross stuff, but this is my older brother, have to listen to him right?  Oh yeah.  Sucky part is, I think I’m still pulling crap out of my ears at this point.

The reason I do these things is because they’re fun.  They also give me something to train for, and something to get excited about.  Otherwise, I’d be doing no exercise and eating garbage.

So pass the salad and the ben gay.  I’m getting ready for NEXT year’s Tough Mudder.  Longer distance, MUCH harder obstacles, and a real challenge.