Give a little…

I went and donated blood at the library a month or so ago and got a 15$ gift card, yeah I know I was bribed 🙂 When I was there, the woman mentioned apheresis, or platelet donation in the next town over. It only takes about 2 hours, but it’s more effective in how it helps people.

Sure, why not. I made an appointment for the end of August and went in. They pull blood out, spin it to remove the platelets, and then put it back with some extra stuff afterwards. They do that every 5 min or so and after about 2 hours, I had given the requisite amount of fluid. They then look at the concentration and etc etc .

I felt pretty good about giving it because it helps cancer, burn, and hemophiliac patients. I got a letter from the woman who runs the center to thank me and express gratitude for my donation. Usually the amount pulled is good for one donation. I gave what they refer to as a ‘Triple’, or enough platelets to help three patients instead of one. That felt pretty cool. And the 10$ Starbucks gift card they sent me didn’t hurt either – wasn’t expected which made it nice 🙂

Do your neighbor a favor if you can. Go give blood. If you can do Apheresis, do that instead because it’s instant and in more demand.